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All of the women I interviewed contested the validity and credibility of the media's physical representations of the meth user, noting that users could have perfect teeth, clear skin, and even be fat.
Nazi pilots were given meth to stay alert during raids.
Since 2007, the number of clandestine meth sites discovered by police has increased 63 percent nationwide.
Dobkin and Nicosia (2009) examine the effects of meth on public health outcomes and crime in California.
The moves deprived local meth cooks of their key ingredient, and the results were startlingly effective.
When we look at the use of meth in the context of sexual relationships, it's not hard to understand how it leads to all kinds of sexually transmitted infections, including HIV" Dr.
The funding boost follows the implementation of new laws to increase the maximum sentence for trafficking 28 grams or more of meth from 25 years to life imprisonment - the delivery of another election commitment.
Meth use is a mainstay of bar culture and an integral part of rural communities, although its popularity has spread even into affluent suburbs.
Tarex encrypts pseudoephedrine, protecting its chemical code and making it virtually impossible to 'hack' by illegal meth producers.
Two adults died: one, who might have been a meth cook, was found dead in a meth laboratory; the second was a law enforcement official.
The effectiveness of Nexafed in reducing local meth lab busts is supported by law enforcement data, adds Rivet.
Tough policing has driven the highly toxic super-labs south of the border where meth is manufactured outside the sight of U.