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25, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Global Demand, Capacity and Prices for Methanol - China to Remain the Dominant Market
On the other hand the methanol market is largely driven by new-age technologies - the demand from DME, LPG, fuel cells and alternative fuels is increasing along with the vigorous spread of these industries.
FOCUS ON SELECT GLOBAL PLAYERS II-41 Atlantic Methanol Production Company LLC (US) II-41 BioMCN (The Netherlands) II-41 JSC Metafrax (Russia) II-41 LyondellBasell Industries NV (The Netherlands) II-42 Metanol de Oriente S.
The Methanol Institute (MI) serves as the voice of the global methanol industry.
Russian methanol industry is in quite difficult situation in the sense that it cannot realize yet its competitive advantages in raw materials.
Scenarios for alternate demand growth trends as well as supply addition alternatives are presented with underlying causal factors for these diverse futures, as well as the implications these scenarios have on the methanol industry.
As the methanol supply decreased in the Middle East due to outages at major production facilities during 2011, Japanese methanol prices witnessed an uptrend during 2011, because of cutting back on imports.
Methanol value chain companies can benefit from leveraging their lean production implementation plans to support their sustainability efforts.
In Italy, methanol is used as a feedstock for formaldehyde, which in turn is used in the production of fiberboard, plywood, and particle board for the construction and automotive industries.
MTBE, which has its end use in applications in the automobile sector, is expected to be the next end use sector which is likely to drive methanol consumption in India during 2021.
Methanol demand in Taiwan is quite small and accounts for less than four percent of the overall methanol share in the Asia-Pacific region.
PRODUCT OVERVIEW II-13 Physical and Chemical Properties II-13 Methanol Manufacturing Process II-14 Feed Purification II-14 Reforming II-14 Methanol Synthesis II-14 Methanol Purification II-14 Methods of Preparing Methanol II-14 Low Pressure Gas-Solid Phase Method II-15 Liquid Phase Synthetic Method II-15 Pasty Bed Technique II-15 Liquid Complexation Catalyzing Method II-15 Methane Oxidation Method II-15 Biomethanol Synthesis II-15 Advantages of Methanol II-16 Low Pollution II-16 Fuel Supply Options II-16 Fire Safety II-16 High Performance II-16 Cost Effective II-16 Myriad Application Areas II-16 Methanol Fuel and Chemical Uses II-17 Environmental Issues and Regulations II-18