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METMetallica (band)
METMechanical Engineering Technology (college course)
METManufacturing Engineering
METMethionine (Amino Acid)
METMetabolic Equivalent
METMetafile (filename extension OS/2 operating system)
METMission Elapsed Time (NASA)
METMiddle European Time (CET)
METMission Essential Task
METMemory Enhancement Technology
METMathematics Education Trust
METMaximum Execution Time
METMinistère Wallon de l'Equipement et des Transports (Belgium)
METMind's Eye Theatre
METMaster of Educational Technology
METMultiple-Employer Trust
METMassachusetts Environmental Trust
METMobile Enforcement Team
METMicroscopie Électronique en Transmission (French: Transmission Electron Microscopy)
METMicrocurrent Electrical Therapy
METMarine Engineering Technology
METMultidisciplinary Evaluation Team
METMechanical Engineering Team
METMobile Education Team
METMeteorological Team
METModularized Equipment Transporter
METMobile Equipment Transporter (Apollo Program)
METMultimedia En Telecommunicatie (Nederlandse Organisatie voor Toegepast Natuurwetenschappelijk Onderzoek)
METMany Electron Theory
METMain Earthing Terminal
METMultibutton Electronic Telephone
METMy Ego Times (website)
METMobile Environmental Team
METMaryland Electrical Testing (Baltimore, MD)
METManagement Engineering Team
METMean Effective Temperature
METMaster Energy Therapist
METMicroEnergy Technologies, Inc.
METMission Event Time
METMobile Equipment Technology
METMetabolic Units Above Resting
METMedium Energy Telescope
METManagement Emphasis Tracking
METMulti-image Exploitation Toolkit
METMerchandise Enforcement Team (US Customs and Border Protection)
METMulti-Service Execution Team (US DoD)
METMeridiano Tecnologias
METMilitary Effects Test/Tower
METMaintenance Engineering Technique
METMedical Education Training (various locations)
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Sumitomo Chemical has the fourth-biggest share of the global methionine market, which supports demand for around 1 million tons and has been expanding at an annual clip of around 6% as consumption of chicken feed grows.
Grand View Research has segmented the methionine market on the basis of raw material, application and region:
Barak et al have shown that chronicethanol consumption increases homocysteine accumulation inhepatocytes by impairing in methionine synthetize activity[13].
Low methionine and high homocysteine concentrations also result in a high SAH-to-SAM ratio, which inhibits over 115 different methylation reactions, including synthesis of neurotransmitters, posttranslational methylation of myelin basic protein, and DNA methylation, which is essential for the epigenetic regulation of gene expression (8).
12] has analyzed the pathological defects in the methionine metabolism in liver cells and found that a loss in the activation of CBS by AdoMet increases the Hcy concentration.
PALITAL offers under the Fatrix[R] range the products Fatrix[R] Methionine, Fatrix[R] Choline, Fatrix[R] Lysine and Fatrix[R] CLA.
Results of post-prandial plasma free methionine concentrations (PPmet, 5 h after intubation) and post-absorptive plasma free methionine concentrations (PAmet, 24 h after intubation) in dorsal aorta cannulated rainbow trout force-fed with diets containing seven graded levels of methionine are shown in Figure 1.
S-adenosyl methionine (SAMe) augmentation of serotonin reuptake inhibitors for antidepressant nonresponders with major depressive disorder: a double-blind, randomized clinical trial.
For example the inclusion rates of methionine are far from being optimum everywhere in the world.
The individuals who developed lung cancer had far less vitamin B6 and methionine in their blood, whether they were a smoker or a non-smoker.
In the light of above mentioned information, NO inhibits methionine synthase and direct cause of ineffective erythropoiesis.
Our bodies make SAMe from methionine, an amino acid found in protein-rich foods, then continually recycle it.