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METICMount Evelyn Township Improvement Committee (Australia)
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In the latest transaction, Metic has acquired the brand name, IP, commercial contracts and key staff of the prestigious glazing solutions company, Portal Limited, for an undisclosed sum.
However, Aristotle's attitude to metic status seems to be objective and uninvolved; his occasional comments (collected in Whitehead's article) show that he is aware that some metics resented their lack of political rights, but is apparently free from personal resentment as well as from any judgment that, in his own political theory, the lot of metics should be improved.
On 1st June 2009 the Directors of Metic Group PLC (AIM: METC), ("Metic", "the
0 million in financing to Metic Solutions, plc, a UK based provider of specialist architectural roof glazing.
Metic Solutions is focused on building a leading European building systems and products group through the acquisition of a series of complementary, highly skilled specialist buildings systems businesses.
It is worth recalling once more his conclusion at the end of the whole section on citizenship: the person who shares in the positions of honor is most especially called a citizen--and the person who does not is like a metic, that is, a resident alien.
Building Contract with Metic Group Plc (AIM:METC) within the 60 day period
Firefighters helped free the dead and injured from the wreckage of the bus, ferrying cos- metic plant workers to their homes in Portsmouth.
Fluid Leader Group Plc appoints Metic Group Plc to develop factory and
DO not have the proper training to teach reading, writing and arith- metic - the subjects they most often end up having to tackle.
There was a big cos- metics company, not the one I ended up being the face of, that I turned down because I didn't feel authentic.
Splash has introduced ELLE cosA[degrees] metics to its portfolio.