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METRICMeasurement Excellence and Training Resource Information Center (Virginia Health Services Research and Development Service)
METRICMulti-Echelon Technique for Recoverable Item Control
METRICMathematics Education Technology Research Imperial College (University of London; UK)
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During the period under review, about 112,779 metric tons of basmati rice valuing US $116.
But CX metrics aren't a magical elixir; they need a strong platform around them.
The annual production capacity of the machine will remain at 120,000 metric tons.
25 million metric tons Europe exported to China and Asia's Far East region, less than 0.
If the goal is to improve project performance, then a good metric will be to measure the percentage of projects that are completed on or ahead of schedule.
SLAs also specify the quality metrics by which the software quality requirements are measured.
The beginning exploration asks: (1) Can LSA provide a metric to indicate relatedness of outcomes/objective sets across an institution?
Patients are far less likely to feel caught in the middle because their health status is now front and center, with both clinical and financial health care decision makers attempting to maximize or maintain this metric.
The time has come for us all to adopt The Metric Calendar
I'm a computer guy,' notes the engineer, and regales McCracken, Iannelli, and Jordan with his account of working at IBM while it was converting to the metric system back in the 1970s.
For instance, early in the process for travel-and-expense reporting, we used a metric that measured our goal to audit an expense report within 48 hours of its receipt.
In our own rational, revolutionary republic, Thomas Jefferson considered the new metric system an admirable advance over old English feet, pints, and pounds.