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MetSMetabolic Syndrome
METSMetabolic Equivalents (multiples of resting oxygen uptake)
METSMetropolitans (New York baseball team)
METSMetropolitan Evansville Transit System
METSModular Egress Training Simulator (Survival Systems)
METSMobile Electronic Test Set
METSModern Engineering and Technology Seminar
METSMicrowave Energy Transmission in Space
METSMechanized Export Traffic System
METSMobile Electronic Threat Simulator
METSModular Equipment Transporter System (NASA)
METSMcCord's Emergency Travel Service
METSModular Engine Test Stand
METSMeteorological Event Triggering System (Atmospheric Technology, Inc.)
METSMobile Emissions Testing System (US EPA)
METSMaintenance Equipment Transport System
METSMetadata Encoding and Transmission Standard
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It was with this object that a bill had been introduced into Parliament by their patriotic chairman Sir Matthew Pupker; it was this bill that they had met to support; it was the supporters of this bill who would confer undying brightness and splendour upon England, under the name of the United Metropolitan Improved Hot Muffin and Crumpet Baking and Punctual Delivery Company; he would add, with a capital of Five Millions, in five hundred thousand shares of ten pounds each.
And, after him, came the Scotch member, with various pleasant allusions to the probable amount of profits, which increased the good humour that the poetry had awakened; and all the speeches put together did exactly what they were intended to do, and established in the hearers' minds that there was no speculation so promising, or at the same time so praiseworthy, as the United Metropolitan Improved Hot Muffin and Crumpet Baking and Punctual Delivery Company.
Paper collected from accounts throughout New York makes its way into the plant, but one account in particular has been critical for Metropolitan Paper Recycling.
Greg estimates that 40 percent of the tons that make their way into the Metropolitan facility stem from the contract.
They, along with Metropolitan plant manager Glen Murray, helped design and install the system.
Another significant contract has Metropolitan Paper Recycling collecting material from a government contract serving four of New York's five boroughs.
In 1457 Kiev was confirmed as the metropolitan see by Patriarch Gregory of Constantinople with the appointment of Gregory, a disciple of Cardinal Isidore, as its metropolitan.
But it was not until the Union of Brest-Litovsk in 1596 that Metropolitan Rahoza of Kiev and his suffragan bishops gathered in synod could clearly express the muted desire of the Ukrainian people to cement their communion with the See of Peter.
The Greek Patriarch Teofan consecrated Job Boretsky as Orthodox metropolitan of Kiev in 1620.
In 1685 the dissident bishop of Lutsk, Gedeon Chetvertynsky, submitted himself to the patriarchate of Moscow and was designated metropolitan of Kiev.