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MEWMortgage Equity Withdrawal
MEWMatsushita Electric Works, Ltd. (Japan)
MEWMeasure of Economic Welfare
MEWMinistry of Electricity and Water
MEWMinistry of Energy and Water
MEWMarx Engels Werke (German: Marx Engels Works)
MEWMinistry of Economic Warfare
MEWMarine Expeditionary Force
MEWMicrowave Early Warning
MEWManufacturer's Empty Weight (aeronautics)
MEWMulti-Employer Worksite (US Army)
MEWMobile Early Warning
MEWMarine Early Warning
MEWMemory Event Word
MEWMaximum Eye Width
MEWMusique en Wallonie (French: Music in Wallonia; association; Wallonia, Belgium)
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These awards reflect MEW S trust in Prysmian capabilities to meet the increasing needs for the development of new power grids in this strategic area" declared Antonio Chiantore, General Manager for Prysmian Group in the Middle East.
We want to add colors and dimensions to that world," says Mew lead guitarist Bo Madsen.
Al-Otaibi said MEW was coordinating with Kuwait Petroleum Corporation (KPC) to provide fuel for electricity generation.
MEW currently holds the largest global market share in laminates.
Tokyo Mew Mew a la Mode is aimed at young girls; the action scenes are tame, and this manga places a lot of emphasis on Berry's budding friendship with her childhood pal, Tasuku, and her relationship with the five other Mew Mews.
Critics of the MEW have said a reserve capacity of less than 30% means Kuwait in the summer will not be in a comfortable position.
I usually bugle, rake, mew, and then pause to listen for a response.
However, it added that, "the MEW had consulted, out of its commitment to
Mew, 34, of Holly Lane, Great Wyrley, near Walsall, had denied sexually assaulting his teenage victim, but admitted an alternative offence of attempted sexual assault.
But by retracting the top jaw, the whole face shape can be altered and John Mew reckons there are better ways to get a smile to be proud of.