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MEWSModified Early Warning Score (NHS, hospital patients)
MEWSModified Early Warning System
MEWSMalaria Early Warning System
MEWSMicrowave Electronic Warfare System
MEWSMissile Early Warning Station
MEWSMission-Essential Weapon System
MEWSMissile Electronic Warfare System
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even a City luxe pr curr to ey PSbct Eagle-eyed fans of the drama, will recognise this south-west facing mews property.
This contract is for care and support service at langley mews - recovery focused supported accommodation (mental health).
Meantime, Jose Rizal University in Manila also revived its collaboration with MAP-AIM for MEWs and SMEs.
The resort, owned by Boro boss Steve Gibson's firm Gibson O'Neill, is currently offering a deal called the 'Woodland Mews Secret Spa Garden Getaway'.
Comstock Holding Companies Inc (NASDAQ:CHCI) has completed the acquisition of the Totten Mews Project with the proceeds from the private placement by its subsidiary Comstock Investors X LC, of USD14.
The landscaped mews created by Gunn Landscape Design occupies a gated passage from Leroy to Carlton Streets, behind the main building at 421 Hudson Street.
Fiona was born and brought up in Castle Mews and "Jock" Gillies, as he was best known, was her grandfather.
Buyers can take advantage of a combination of free car-parking for four years, three years of management charges paid for, and two interior options when they choose to make The Granary Mews their home.
As the title indicates, Mews limit s his discussion to Grass's fiction from the "Danzig Trilogy" to the 2002 novella Im Krebsgang, but he also covers semi-autobiographical texts such as Aus dem Tagebuch einer Schnecke (1972) and Kopfgeburten (1980).
The historian's family were shocked by the reactions of residents living near Letch Mews.
Tokyo Mew Mew a la Mode is aimed at young girls; the action scenes are tame, and this manga places a lot of emphasis on Berry's budding friendship with her childhood pal, Tasuku, and her relationship with the five other Mew Mews.