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MEZMitteleuropäische Zeit (GMT+0100)
MEZMezzanine (theatre)
MEZMissile Engagement Zone
MEZMinisterie van Economische Zaken (Dutch: Ministry of Economic Cases)
MEZMilitary Exclusion Zone
MEZMaryland Enterprise Zone (commercial area)
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To start with, if you want to stand up comfortably in both the mezzanine and the space underneath it, the room should have a ceiling height of at least 4.
This was achieved by installing a Revlok mezzanine floor, which increased the building's floor area by 25% without the expense and inconvenience of moving or extending the premises.
However, the mezzanine lender is generally not underwriting its loan based on the balance sheet of its borrower; rather, it underwrites, among other factors, based on its evaluation of the net equity value of the property, after considering the impact of the mortgage lien and any other liens or claims against the property.
However, even these rates don't match the cost of certain types of equity, or some mezzanine lending.
Installing a mezzanine floor has been the perfect answer for many retailers, providing substantially more space at minimal cost.
NewSpring Mezzanine Capital is a mezzanine private equity fund focused on late stage and buy-out opportunities in information technology, healthcare, business services and specialty manufacturing.
In addition, the interest component of the mezzanine tranche can comprise a combination of current pay interest and PIK (paid-in-kind or deferred) interest, providing additional flexibility to the issuer.
Contact: The Mezzanine Floor Company on tel: 01732 356085
The upper mezzanine was made into a sleeping gallery and a glass panel inserted into the west side of the floor to allow daylight to filter down.
35,800,000 fixed/floating-rate class B-2 mezzanine notes affirm at 'AA';
With the addition of a mezzanine level (an internal balcony overlooking the space below) you can add a room more easily than converting your loft or cellar or building an extension.
Using an architect to design your mezzanine is a good idea, because they should know what rules and regulations apply.