mfERGMultifocal Electroretinogram (optometry)
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The macular area and central posterior pole can be assessed on a more localised level by the PERG and mfERG, respectively.
Pattern-VEPs have similar waveforms to PERGs and mfERGs with a negative trough (N75) followed by a positive peak (P100) and a final negative peak (N135).
Evaluated together with other cases presented in the literature, our mfERG and ERG findings indicate widespread dysfunction of the outer retinal layers in BCD.
mfERG (VERIS-EDI System, Califronia, USA) was not conducted until 1 month after surgery for the sake of avoiding infection and was monitored during the following visits.
One-hundred and three hexagonal stimulus elements that scaled concentrically and covered the central 50[degrees] of the fundus were applied to each patient when examine mfERG.
BCVAs and RD of the central hexagon and the central seven hexagons on mfERG at different time points (baseline, 1 and 3 months after surgery) were compared pairwisely by post-hoc tests after analysis of variance.
Encouragingly and in consistency with the reconstruction process of the foveal microstructure, all patients except one (7/8) showed incremental improvements of visual function (both in BCVA and mfERG responses) over time during the first 3 months after surgery [Figure 2].
BCVA neither “significantly” correlated with mfERG RD of fovea nor with RD of the central seven hexagons at each evaluation time point [Figure 5], despite their similar incremental tendency after surgery [Figure 4].
Unintended injury of the nerve fiber layer during ILM peeling, however, might compromise recovery of BCVA and mfERG [Figure 3].
Although both BCVA and mfERG responses improved incrementally after surgery [Figure 4], they were not found to be statistically correlated at each evaluation time point of our short-term observation [Figure 5] as well as in previous longer term studies concerning conventional surgical technique (just ILM peeling but without inverting) in treatment of MHs.
Fundus IR, mfERG and MP are other auxiliary diagnostic methods.
Bu hastalarda patolojiyi mfERG ya da PERG testi ortaya koyabilirken tam ters bir durumda PVEP ve PERG testi de yaniltici olabilir.