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Miaow Miaow, also known as M-Cat, is mephedrone, a powerful stimulant closely related to amphetamines like speed and Ecstasy.
MEPHEDRONE is also known as M-Cat, Miaow Miaow and kitty cat, not to be confused with methadone which is used to treat heroine addicts.
The alarm was raised on Monday evening when a woman heard a miaow sound coming from the recycling bins in Moelfre, Anglesey.
But drug project workers have told the irish Sunday Mirror that the drug, also known as Cat or Miaow Miaow, is still available illegally on the streets and some desperate junkies have become so hooked they are injecting it.
But now police are giving people the chance to hand in the killer drug, also known as miaow miaow and M-Cat.
Mephedrone, also known as miaow miaow has been associated with a number of deaths in other parts of the country.
Jacqueline McGovern, 35, said she believed her daughter had "dabbled" with the drug, also known as M-Cat or miaow miaow, in the days leading up to her death after she met a new boyfriend.
But he defended the need to conduct research into the effects of mephedrone - known as M-Cat or Miaow Miaow - before it was banned.
Detectives believe the woman may have taken mephedrone, also known as M-Cat or miaow miaow.
MIAOW MIAOW: The drug that has left a Mirfield mum fearing for her son's life
She begins to miaow loudly so that we go to her and when we get there she looks up at us as if we should be proud of her.