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MICMicrowave (oven)
MICMessage Integrity Check
MICMusic Information Centre (Norway)
MICMade in China
MICMinimum Inhibitory Concentration (medical)
MICMalaysian Indian Congress
MICMedical Image Computing
MICMotorcycle Industry Council
MICMilitary Industrial Complex
MICMessage Integrity Code (cryptography)
MICMinimal Inhibitory Concentration (lowest concentration of drug that inhibits more than 99% of the bacterial population)
MICManufacturing Industrial Council (Seattle, WA)
MICMethyl Isocyanate
MICMaking It Count (various organizations)
MICModular Interface Card (various companies)
MICMedical Informatics Congress
MICMinimal-Invasive Chirurgie (German: Minimally Invasive Surgery)
MICMinistry of Information and Communication (South Korea)
MICMortgage Insurance Company (various locations)
MICMusic Institute of Chicago (Chicago, IL)
MICMilitary Intelligence Corps (various locations)
MICMates in Construction (Australia)
MICMortgage Investors Corporation (various locations)
MICMicrobiologically Influenced Corrosion
MICMineral Insulated Cable
MICMarketing Information Center (various organizations)
MICMechanical Interface Card
MICMicrosoft Image Composer
MICMemory in Cassette
MICMultimedia Innovation Centre
MICMotion Intraframe Codec
MICMobile Interface Card
MICModem Interface Card
MICManagement Instrumentation Commandline
MICMicrocode Instruction Sequenzer
MICMarket Intelligence Center
MICMode Indicate Common
MICMessage Integrity Code
MICMandatory Integrity Control
MICMachine Identification Code
MICMonsta Island Czars (hip hop)
MICMandatory Integrity Control (Microsoft Windows security feature)
MICMemory in Cassette (Sony)
MICMedia and Information Commission (Zimbabwe)
MICMiami Intermodal Center (ground transportation hub; Miami, FL)
MICMotors Insurance Corporation
MICMedia Information Center
MICModel-Integrated Computing
MICMicrowave Integrated Circuit
MICMonitoring and Information Centre
MICManagement Information Center
MICMinistère de l'Industrie et du Commerce (Québec, Canada)
MICMacrophage Inflammatory Protein
MICMedia Interface Connector
MICMathematics in Context
MICMade In Chicago (musician)
MICMemory Interface Controller
MICMonolithic Integrated Circuit
MICMove in Condition (real estate)
MICManagement Information Consulting (Virginia)
MICMaritime Industry Council (Hong Kong)
MICMultiple Interface Connection
MICMountain Instructor Certificate (UK)
MICManufacturers Investment Credit (California)
MICModular Industrial Controller (computer hardware)
MICMedium Interface Connector
MICMinor in Consumption (alcohol)
MICMethodist International Centre (London, England)
MICMinnesota Inventors Congress
MICMinaean International Corp. (Canada)
MICMasonic Information Center
MICMultinational Interoperability Council
MICMusic Industry Commission (various locations)
MICMarine Inspector and Cleaner (vacuum cleaning system)
MICMarket Identification Code (ISO)
MICMicrobiological Induced Corrosion
MICMobile Internet Capital, Inc. (Japan)
MICMinimum Ignition Current
MICMaximum Import Capacity (electric power)
MICMaritime Intelligence Center
MICMicrosoft Internet Chat
MICManager's Internal Control (US DoD)
MICMultilingual Intake Center (Jersey City Public Schools)
MICMichigan International Camporee (international scout camp)
MICMidfield Institute of Cosmetology (Bimingham, AL)
MICMining Impact Coalition
MICMaximum Inscribed Circle
MICMagistrates in the Community (UK)
MICMaximum Inhibitory Concentration
MICMinuteman Implant Club, Inc.
MICMidget Community (gaming clan)
MICMillimolar Concentration (microbiology)
MICMoron in Charge
MICMovimiento Indigena Colombiano (Spanish: Colombian Indigenous Movement)
MICMolecular Imaging Corp
MICManagement Information Corporation
MICMagnetic Ink Characters
MICMaterial Identification Code
MICMetal Industries Company, Ltd
MICMaterial Identification and Control
MICMachinery Insurance Cooperative
MICManagement Interface Controller
MICMeeting in Conference
MICMultistage Interference Canceller
MICMcAfee India Center (Bangalore, India)
MICMemory Interface Component
MICMessage Investigation Center
MICMarble Institute of Colorado
MICMultifiber Indoor Cable
MICMachine Interface Code
MICMemory Interface Card
MICMutual Interference Chart
MICMode Indicator Common
MICMaster Item Code
MICMission Intelligence Coordinator (US Air Force)
MICMissile Interface Console
MICMiddle Icelandic (linguistics)
MICMilitant Insurance Clerks
MICMFV International Corporation (various locations)
MICMaritime Interception Commander
MICMaintenance Interconnecting Cabinet
MICMajor Information Center
MICMajor Item Center
MICCongregation of Marians Immaculate Conception (religious order)
MICManagement Indicator Code
MICMissile Interconnecting Cabinet
MICMatch Indicator Code
MICMarked Idle Channel
MICMissile Interface Controller
MICMarketing Initiated Change
MICModificador Indirecto O Complementario (Spanish grammar)
MICMedicine Information Center
MICMamey Investment Corporation (California)
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Open Mic platform has remained open to everyone who has a talent for singing and passion for music, hence becoming a social gathering place for people to come together and bond over their favorite folk tunes.
To be a MIC member, a nation must demonstrate the competence and capability to lead a coalition and multinational operation, evidenced by leadership and involvement in recent coalition operations; the willingness to commit resources to leading and/or supporting coalition operations; and the willingness to commit sufficient personnel and resources to participate in all MIC meetings.
A unique MIC probe was developed, based on an electrical resistance (ER) probe.
MIC values of vancomycin, tigecycline, and linezolid showed a definite increase over a three-year period which was statistically significant with the p-values <0.
MIC also owns and operates an airport services business, Atlantic Aviation and two solar power generation facilities, collectively MIC Solar.
Among the other senior QP officials who also were present at the event were Maliq Omer Esmail al-Dafea, manager for municipal and facilities services at MIC; Khalid Ahmed Asad N al-Ansari, manager for health, safety, environment and waste management; Antoine Najib Haykal Nasser, acting manager for infrastructure; and Maisar el-Qutami, MIC technical co-ordinator and acting manager of business and investors.
Other senior QP officials who were present on the occasion included Maliq Omer Esmail al Dafea, manager for municipal and facilities services at MIC; Khalid Ahmed Asad N al Ansari, manager for health, safety, environment and waste management; Antoine Najib Haykal Nasser, acting manager for infrastructure; and Maisar el Qutami, MIC technical coordinator and acting manager of business and investors.
The MIC hardware has been specifically designed to make porting MPI codes easy and to support thread-level parallelism (TLP) using the x86 instruction set.
Sometimes you'd look beside you and you'd see Mic singing, you'd see Glen singing, even Mark Dignam singing and you just felt like you were in the presence of greatness.
Standard x86 CPUs will need accelerators like Intel's MIC chips to achieve faster performance, Goh said.
On the occasion of its 25th anniversary MIC plans to add production capacity for its LED lighting products at its Hyderabad-Cherlapally facilities.
Design and Development capabilities nurtured at MIC have blossomed and given a shape to some truly world class products.