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MCRMy Chemical Romance (band)
MCRMy Coke Rewards (Coca-Cola customer loyalty program)
MCRMiddle Common Room (UK universities)
MCRMinimum Cell Rate
MCRMinimum Capital Requirement
MCRMemory Card Reader
MCRManchester, England (airport code)
MCRMaster Control Room
MCRMagnetic Card Reader
MCRMultivariate Curve Resolution (spectral resolution technique)
MCRMetabolic Clearance Rate
MCRMedical Care Research and Review
MCRMedical Center of the Rockies (Loveland, CO)
MCRMain Control Room (nuclear power)
MCRMelanocortin Receptor
MCRMaster of Corporate Real Estate
MCRMaximum Continuous Rating
MCRMinimum Course Requirements
MCRMutation Cluster Region
MCRMedical Cost Ratio (managed care industry)
MCRMiddle Combination Room (UK universities)
MCRManagement Control Review
MCRMaster Control Relay
MCRMachinery Control Room (ships)
MCRMulti-Channel Retail
MCRMini Cooper Register (automobile club; UK)
MCRMutual Climatic Range (mathematical method for reconstructing palaeoclimates)
MCRMain Conference Room
MCRMission Control Room
MCRMission Capable Rate (US Air Force)
MCRMid Course Review
MCRManagement Consulting & Research, Inc.
MCRMissouri Cancer Registry
MCRMaricopa County Recorder (Arizona newspaper)
MCRMasters of Corporate Real Estate
MCRMobile Control Room
MCRMovement des Citoyens pour la Republique (French: Citizen and Republican Movement)
MCRMolded Carrier Ring
MCRMagnetic Character Reader
MCRMaster Change Record
MCRMagnetic Character Recognition
MCRMission Confirmation Review (NASA)
MCRMinimum Creep Rate
MCRMilitary Civil Relations
MCRMilitary Compact Reactor
MCRManual Change Request
MCRManual Change Release
MCRMultiple Chip Rate
MCRMulti-Country Region
MCRManpower Change Request
MCRMessage Completion Rate
MCRMaster Control Routine
MCRMaterials Control Requirement
MCRMicrocompact Range
MCRMulti-Channel Recorder
MCRManufacturing Change Request
MCRMagnetic Cartridge Recorder
MCRMaximum Continuous Revolution (ship engines)
MCRMotion-Compensated Reconstruction (digital television)
MCRMulti-Command Regulation
MCRMicroprocessor Clock Receiver (AT&T)
MCRMaintenance Control Report
MCRMaterial Change Request
MCRModified Cash Refund (pension feature)
MCRMotor Control Room
MCRMission Computer Replacement
MCRMaterial Conformance Report
MCRMilestone Concurrence Review
MCRMilitary Contract Requirement(s)
MCRMaster Control Record System
MCRMobile Cellular Radio
MCRMap of Canada Reference (number)
MCRMarcellin College Randwick (Randwick NSW, Australia)
MCRMaterial Condition Review
MCRMarcellin College Randwick
MCRMaster Change Request
MCRMobilization Contracting Requirement
MCRModular Cellular Radio
MCRManual Contract Requirement
MCRMonitor Control Routines
MCRMultiple Channel Reservation
MCRMilitary Communications Requirement
MCRMini Club Romand (automobile club; Switzerland)
MCRMoto Club des Riceys (French motorcycle club; Les Riceys, France)
MCRMission Capability Requirements
MCRModélisme Club Rouchons (French radio controlled car club)
MCRMedical Cost Remedy, Inc.
MCRMaster of Clinical Research
MCRMATLAB (Matrix Laboratory) Compiler Runtime (MathWorks, Inc.)
MCRMATLAB (Matrix Laboratory) Component Runtime (MathWorks, Inc.)
MCRMerrill Creek Reservoir (Washington, NJ)
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In this study, the O2C device is used for the first time to evaluate local venous microcirculation of the thigh in skin and subcutaneous tissue depths.
Major pathophysiological processes typical for Plasmodium falciparum malaria are the parasite adhesion to the endothelium, rosetting, the sequestration of parasitized and unparasitized red blood cells (RBCs) in peripheral small vessels, and the decreased deformability of RBCs resulting in impaired microcirculation and lactic acidosis.
We found that if we examine the microcirculation and measure the changes in capillaries we can predict preeclampsia in a more accurate way and this is exciting news," Dr.
This indicated an increase in oxygenated blood volume in the detrusor microcirculation.
The mix of geranium, palmarosa, bergamot, rosemary and cedar is designed to regenerate, and invigorate the hair, stimulate the scalp and boost microcirculation.
When correctly stimulated, muscles produce an energy, which intensifies microcirculation, bringing about oxygenation.
Cellulite appears due to alterations that occur in the adipose tissue and the microcirculation as a result of blood and lymphatic disturbances, causing fiberosclerosis of the connective tissue.
1) "Pressure reduction to preserve microcirculation is a mainstay of preventive therapy.
At the same time, the OPS demonstrated a cyclic change of the sublingual microcirculation, which improved during the procedure but tended to return toward the baseline values after its termination.
Children with a high level of physical activity had a more beneficial microvascular profile compared to those with the lowest levels of physical activity, which suggests that unhealthy lifestyle factors may influence microcirculation early in life and increase the risk of cardiovascular disease and hypertension later in life.
The facial massage with Seawater Pearls boluses provides total relaxation while stimulating microcirculation for an optimally effective treatment.