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MICROMicro Industry Credit Rural Organization
MICROMile High Computer Resource Organization
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18 micrometer ReRAM in microcomputers and low power-consumption processes contributes to longer operational times for customers' products.
Common internal control problems associated with current microcomputer environments and many minicomputer environments include lack of separation of duties, unauthorized access to hardware and software, and uncontrolled development of computer application programs.
Starting with the March 1998 issue of Microcomputer Abstracts, print subscribers will find a new blue, white, and black cover with an avant-garde logo.
Microcomputer Approach - Local Area Networks (LANs)
In the field of metallography, microcomputers have led to modular instrument designs, computer-aided imaging and walk-away convenience.
By means of a telephone interview with a number of key logistics executives, members of the study teams were able to identify key trends relating to microcomputer use in logistics, and to make a number of meaningful observations concerning the present status of and future for microcomputer use in logistics.
Because the emphasis on independent learning has encouraged use of computer-assisted instruction (CAI), computer-based question banks for self-assessment, and other audiovisual and computer-based learning tools, many academic health sciences libraries operate microcomputer learning centers.
CORES, the name for the new microcomputer education program, was designed by a cadre of science and mathematics educators drawn from among those recognized as Pennsylvania's finest teachers of teachers and who geographically represented the entire state.
A portable microcomputer with a built-in VGA screen helps reduce eye strain when it must be used outside the office.
In fact, this super level of integration suggests to us that microcomputers will not just catch mainframes, but surpass them.
There are two types of modems that are usually used with a microcomputer system: direct-connect and acoustic modems.
This is an, informative reference and "how-to" manual for the microcomputer manager in a library setting.
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