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Because the emphasis on independent learning has encouraged use of computer-assisted instruction (CAI), computer-based question banks for self-assessment, and other audiovisual and computer-based learning tools, many academic health sciences libraries operate microcomputer learning centers.
A portable microcomputer with a built-in VGA screen helps reduce eye strain when it must be used outside the office.
Almost any microcomputer can be used to access these BBSs.
In fact, this super level of integration suggests to us that microcomputers will not just catch mainframes, but surpass them.
stand-alone microcomputer packages, with the most outstanding example being word processing and desktop publishing software.
Generally, anyone who sits down at an unprotected microcomputer has full access to all data stored either on its internal disk drive (if so equipped) or on its floppy diskettes (if they are available).
CHS believes it is the largest microcomputer distributor in Latin America and Europe.
On-Demand Reports--Most microcomputer packages allow the user to generate many reports within a few minutes at the touch of vew keys.
CONTACT: Angela Hooper or Susan Merkel, Hayes Microcomputer Products, Inc.
In analyzing internal control needs of microcomputer users, it is relevant to distinguish between security and control measures needed specifically because of the computer and those required because of business size.
That two-thirds of the respondents have achieved ratios of one or two tax professionals per microcomputer attests both to the magnitude of productivity gains and the willingness of corporations to continue to invest in hardware as a result of initial successes.
There are many reasons for this strong growth in microcomputer popularity, including the continuously declining cost of hardware.
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