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UCIUniversity of California, Irvine
UCIUnion Cycliste Internationale (International Cycling Union)
UCIUnited Cinemas International (UK)
UCIUnidad de Cuidados Intensivos
UCIUnit Compliance Inspection (military)
uCiMicrocurie (unit of radioactivity)
UCIUnicredito Italiano (Italian banking group)
UCIUniversity Circle Incorporated (Cleveland, Ohio)
UCIUnion des Constructeurs Immobiliers (French: Union of Builders)
UCIUtah Correctional Industries
UCIUser-Computer Interface
UCIUniversal Communications Identifier
UCIUnion City, Indiana
UCIUnder Construction Indefinitely
UCIUnique Client Identifier
UCIUnclassified Controlled Information
UCIUnited Cycling Institute
UCIUnique Consignment Identifier
UCIUnion Cynologique International
UCIUrban Consultants, Inc.
UCIUniversal Coolness Index
UCIUnión Corresponsalía Internacional (Guatemala)
UCIUpdated Coordinating Instructions
UCIUrban Coast Institute (Monmouth University; New Jersey)
UCIUnemployment Compensation Insurance
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For Leyner/Bizarro has a chunk of kryptonite implanted in his pineal gland, which is hardwired to his third eye, which mystic organ saturates "the Dave" with ultimately toxic microcuries of self-regard.
Len Dietz calculates that, based on his assumptions about the percentage of uranium dust that would become airborne, the APG could have averaged uranium dust emissions of 11,600 microcuries per month (30,000 grams) during the period of weapons testing.
169 microcuries of plutonium 239, a dose of radiation nearly 24 times what the average person receives in 50 years.