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MCLMaximum Contaminant Level
MCLMedial Collateral Ligament
MCLMantle Cell Lymphoma
MCLMarine Corps League
MCLMovement for Canadian Literacy
MCLModern and Classical Languages
MCLMultnomah County Library (Portland, OR)
MCLMagna Cum Laude
MCLMaximum Concentration Limit
MCLMaximum Concentration Level
MCLMarkov Clustering (algorithm)
MCLMaximum Containment Level (EPA)
MCLMid-Clavicular Line
MCLMuch Clown Love
MCLMunitions Control List
MCLMoore Corporation Limited (publicly traded company)
MCLMinimum Coupling Loss (mobile communications systems)
MCLMid-Canada Line
MCLMethod Calibration Limit
MCLMaterials Characterization Lab
MCLMonterey College of Law (California)
MCLMobilization Cross-Leveling
MCLMaster Configuration List
MCLMaster of Civil Law
MCLMetropolitan Corporation of Lahore (Pakistan)
MCLMercury Communications Ltd.
MCLMetro Canada Logistics
MCLMobile Communications Laboratory
MCLMulti Column List
MCLMixing Condensation Level (meteorology)
MCLMission Configured Loads
MCLMedia Communications Lab
MCLMoscow Chemical Lyceum
MCLMaximum Clearance Level
MCLMultiple Cutaneous Leiomyoma
MCLMaster Change Log
MCLMarquess College, London (UK)
MCLModified Chest Left (arm)
MCLMotor Current Limiting
MCLMoto Club Luxembourg (French: Luxembourg Motorcycle Club; Luxembourg)
MCLMaximum Container Level
MCLMaintenance Capability Level
MCLMinimum Clear Length
MCLMine Clearance Launcher
MCLMaster Calibration List
MCLMaster Capability List (DoD's capability-based planning process component)
MCLMcLaughner's Cafeterias (restaurant chain)
MCLMedical Center Laboratory (various locations)
MCLMono Class Library (computing)
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Parr explained, microliter spectrophotometers "are ideal for applications where there is only a small amount of highly absorbing sample.
Patients who were missing necessary PCP prophylaxis were more likely to be female, Hispanic, injection drug users, or new to HIV care, or to have CD4 counts of 150-200 cells per microliter.
Since the analytical results are directly proportional to the injected volume, an injection variation of plus or minus one microliter will yield a result that is too high or too low by five percent or more.
of nucleases), and to concentrate them down to tens of microliters (18,19) for sequencing or mass spectrometric analysis.
Thirty patients had undergone splenectomy prior to study enrollment and nine were receiving concurrent corticosteroids, which were able to be tapered when platelet counts reached greater than 50,000 platelets per microliter of blood.
April--The Impact of One Microliter: The trend toward smaller volumes has reached the point where a variation of one microliter in one component of a test may cause the test to fail outright or to give an erroneous result.
In just a year, the T cell counts of people in this group dropped to an average of 101 per microliter of blood, too few to ward off other infections.
Fifty-four 20-microliter variable-volume pipettes were tested at 5 microliters using the PCS, and the inaccuracy and imprecision of each pipette were plotted (see Figure 1).
Contract awarded for Automatic variable volume 20-200 microliter s.
It is designed for holding glass microliter syringes rating from 0.
This highly sensitive system only consumes less than one microliter of DNA samples for each analysis and drastically reduces biohazardous waste.
Contract award: DART-HRMS system fingerprinting system analysis and fraction collector at microliter.