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By comparison, InfiniBand adapter cards accomplish the same handoff in about 3 microseconds.
Diana and Norman Fleishman formed the Microsecond nonprofit organization in 1979, conducted five conferences in the late 1980s on "Entertainment And Global Healing," hold events on planetary issues in the homes of writers and producers in Hollywood, and are writing a book on their twenty-five years lobbying "storytellers.
Software Upgrades Shave Additional 200+ Microseconds From Order Latency
When failure is not an option and security is a must, FSMLabs' patented RTCore turns Linux and BSD GPOS's, such as Red Hat, SUSE, NetBSD and FreeBSD into an NSA compliant, secure high nanosecond/low microsecond deterministic hard real-time operating system (RTOS).
Single client mean latency reached as low as approximately 75 microseconds, while four clients were clocked at approximately 100 microseconds with an aggregate simultaneous publishing rate of 200,000 messages per second from the feed handler - roughly twice the rates generated by any data feed in the market today.
6 Linux kernel that FSMLabs delivers with the system is plug-in compatible with FSMLabs' RTCore hard real-time technology, offering single-digit microsecond responsiveness, seamlessly available to CGL customers.
The stimulations were active programs at 80-120 Hz with pulse widths of 200, 150, 100, and 50 microseconds.
No adjustable voltage -5 kV,- A power output of 5 kW (NB: 5 kilowatts = 50 kV x 20 mA + 40 mA x 100 kV)- A pulse width ranging from 10 microseconds to 100 microseconds.
Pulse widths are adjustable from 25 microseconds to 8,750 microseconds (maximum pulse width varies by model), with a pulse repetition frequency up to 20 hertz.
After two-and-a-half weeks of using the new platform, the MTF says that the average order entry latency on Turquoise is 126 microseconds using a native application programming interface, and 196 microseconds using FIX 5.