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By comparison, InfiniBand adapter cards accomplish the same handoff in about 3 microseconds.
Diana and Norman Fleishman formed the Microsecond nonprofit organization in 1979, conducted five conferences in the late 1980s on "Entertainment And Global Healing," hold events on planetary issues in the homes of writers and producers in Hollywood, and are writing a book on their twenty-five years lobbying "storytellers.
operator of the fast-growing US equities platform which plans to operate in Europe in 2008, said Tuesday that it has reduced latency through the entire BATS system to between 400 and 500 microseconds, with 80% of orders being acknowledged within 400 microseconds.
Worst case interrupt latencies range from under 2 microseconds on AMD Opteron processors to 20 microseconds on low-power 100Mhz ARM9 devices.
The types of transients in which Martzloff is most interested last only a few microseconds or less.
I also want to control and neutralize threats in microseconds and receive a complete audit trail.
No adjustable voltage -5 kV,- A power output of 5 kW (NB: 5 kilowatts = 50 kV x 20 mA + 40 mA x 100 kV)- A pulse width ranging from 10 microseconds to 100 microseconds.
Pulse widths are adjustable from 25 microseconds to 8,750 microseconds (maximum pulse width varies by model), with a pulse repetition frequency up to 20 hertz.
Even with bomb-grade uranium, the atomic explosion will occur only if the sub-critical elements of the bomb are held together for several microseconds against the burgeoning force of the reaction.
The sensor's patented microprocessor-based fast light control circuit reacts in less than eight microseconds to compensate for and accurately measure varying surfaces without regard to ambient light changes, surface texture, color, the slope of the target, steep angles, silicone content, speed and more.
The switching speed between dark and fight is moderately fast, on the order of 400 microseconds.