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05 -- -- Symptoms (a) Test Retest Subject Symptom Scores Symptom Scores 1 Eye irritation 0-7 Ear pain 0-6 Nausea 1-6 2 Eye irritation 0-5 Headache 0-5 Tired 1-7 Tired 2-7 3 Tired 1-8 Tired 0-6 4 Headache 3-9 Burning eyes 0-5 5 Eye irritation 0-7 Tired 1-6 6 (control) Fatigue 3-9 Fatigue 0-8 7 None Throat irritation 1-7 Brain fog 2-8 8 Brain fog 1-6 Clumsiness 0-7 Abbreviations: --, no data; A, amplitude in microsiemens of tonic skin conductance responses; L, latency in seconds.
Salinity/Conductivity data (in parts per thousand and microsiemens per cm) 1) 19 Sep-6 Oct 1983 0 (0.
This conductivity level is described as microsiemens (s) and the desired level of conductivity that should be maintained for a given application may vary from material to material.
For the calculation of skin conductance level (SCL), all 960 values (60 s x 16 Hz) recorded in a 1-min epoch of the total SC channel were averaged and converted to the corresponding value of SC expressed in microSiemens ([micro]S).
1994), change in skin conductance response (SCR), measured in Microsiemens (mS), was chosen as the measure of conditioning.
Skin conductance levels (SCLs) and responses (SCRs), recorded in microsiemens (uS), were sampled using 8-mm Ag/AgCl disposable electrodes that were placed on the nondominant hand using a standard bipolar palmar configuration.