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2) pH: potencial de hidrogeno, CE: conductividad electrica en microSiemens ([micron]S), CRA: capacidad de retencion de agua, a-b Medias ([+ o -] error estandar) en la misma columna con literales diferentes son significativas (P < 0.
A good rule of thumb for formulating electrocoat paints is to choose pigments with conductivity values less than 100 microSiemens.
5 Hazen units (HUs), 132 nephelometric turbidity units (NTUs), and 4,515 microsiemens per centimeter ([micro]S>/cm), and the effluent values were 17.
Conductivity was recorded in microsiemens per centimeter ([micro]S [cm.
0048 MicroSiemens for the phasic component (nonspecific SCRs) and .
Salinity/Conductivity data (in parts per thousand and microsiemens per cm) 1) 19 Sep-6 Oct 1983 0 (0.
This conductivity level is described as microsiemens (s) and the desired level of conductivity that should be maintained for a given application may vary from material to material.
The rinse stage must have a conductance of less than 100 microsiemens, while the first tank is checked with a refractometer to ensure that the amount of detergent is correct, as stipulated by the customer.
2]O were added, and readings were taken after 24 h soaking at room temperature with values reported in microsiemens per milligram of seed tissue at about 120 g [H.
For the calculation of skin conductance level (SCL), all 960 values (60 s x 16 Hz) recorded in a 1-min epoch of the total SC channel were averaged and converted to the corresponding value of SC expressed in microSiemens ([micro]S).
1994), change in skin conductance response (SCR), measured in Microsiemens (mS), was chosen as the measure of conditioning.