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MIDNMidshipman (Royal Australian Navy)
MIDNMidshipman (United States NROTC or USNA Cadet)
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And the midshipman, making himself as it were the echo of the body, cried, "Commander, it is `they' come back again
This is where the ever persistent Type I males of the Pacific midshipman fish (Porichthys notatus) score a one-up.
In breeding season, male plainfin midshipman fish (Porichthys notatus) spend their nights singing--if that's the word for hours of sustained foghorn hums.
The crew of 27 officers, 192 non-commissioned officers and 132 training officers 20% of whom are women are on their final year of midshipman training.
Midshipman 1st Class Megan Musilli is one of only 32 Americans and the only service academy student selected for a 2016 Rhodes Scholarship.
Miller decided not to court-martial a third student accused of sexual assault, Midshipman Tra'ves Bush.
Mr Ward revealed that Eaton, at the time a signal midshipman, would have been at the heart of the crunch moment of the battle on the Temeraire, which was second in line to Nelson's HMS Victory.
Experts said the noise could be caused by male midshipman fish which produce a droning from their swim bladder to attract females.
Innocent on the Bounty; the court-martial and pardon of midshipman Peter Heywood, in letters.
Midshipman (Mid) Martin Young from Washington was among the Cadets at the Britannia Royal Naval College (BRNC) parade attended by Her Royal Highness The Princess Royal.
Brown, who in 1949 became the first black midshipman to graduate from the U.
Students at the academy are designated midshipmen and receive midshipman pay plus tuition, room and board.