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This Miggs was a tall young lady, very much addicted to pattens in private life; slender and shrewish, of a rather uncomfortable figure, and though not absolutely ill-looking, of a sharp and acid visage.
It was the voice of Miggs that greeted the locksmith, when he knocked at his own house, with a shrill cry of 'Who's there?
I'm a little'--here Miggs simpered--'a little sleepy myself; I'll own it now, mim, though I said I wasn't when you asked me.
Your master speaks to you,' said Mrs Varden, looking sternly over her shoulder at Miss Miggs in waiting.
Mrs Varden, who likewise possessed that faculty in high perfection, wept too, against Miggs; and with such effect that Miggs gave in after a time, and, except for an occasional sob, which seemed to threaten some remote intention of breaking out again, left her mistress in possession of the field.
And Miggs has every reason to harbor anxieties about the spectacle of her sleep, since she is by no means the only character in Barnaby Rudge whose slumber is a source of comedy.
While Miggs had initially claimed to have been pleased with Lohan's behavior on set, he has now revealed that she held up production while getting 'extensions' and a 'spray tan'.
She reports that it was Alphonse Miggs who shot the victims, whereas later investigation indicates that a policeman firing at Miggs killed him as well as bystanders.
Working with award-winning child actors Miggs Cuaderno ('Quick Change'), Micko Laurente ('Bambanti') and Marc Justine Alvarez ('Transit') was a bonus, Alfred said.
Also part of the main cast are three awarded child actors, Miggs Cuaderno, Marc Justine Alvarez and Micko Laurente, who all had to train on how to properly handle fire arms before shooting the movie.
With the civil unrest in Marawi City in Lanao del Sur province, which has displaced and killed some locals due to the crossfire between military troops and rebels, young actors Miggs Cuaderno, Micko Laurente and Marc Justine Alvarez, who were the day's celebrity storytellers, urged everyone to give peace a chance.