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MILTECHMilitary Technician
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2008) (holding status of military technicians as civilian employees not changed by 1997 Amendments), and Walch v.
The FTS personnel are composed of Active Guard Reserve (AGR) Soldiers and military technicians.
From a bomb-proof command center deep inside a Colorado mountain, military technicians track this search-and-destroy test of an antimissile defense system with a series of radars and space satellites.
Structured document technology is used to avoid reformatting costs when the time comes to convert its paper maintenance manuals to on-line form, to be delivered as "Interactive Electronic Technical Manuals" to military technicians on "Portable Maintenance Aid" terminals (see the sidebar, "HyTime and the Content Data Model" and [15]).
Orion has placed more than 450 Military Technicians, Noncommissioned Officers and Officers into the Wind Industry, into Operations, Technical, Managerial and Engineering positions.
Authorizes Dual Status Military Technicians to be eligible to participate in Tricare Reserve Select.
Volunteerism in Air Force Reserve Command may suffer as a result of a new interpretation of how wars or national emergencies affect full-time military technicians.
is the leader in the niche-recruitment market of junior military officers, degreed enlisted leaders, and skilled military technicians.
Military technicians and advisers from Zimbabwe have started to arrive in Congo's capital to lend support for President Laurent Kabila's embattled army, a government official said yesterday.
Under the deployment, teams of military technicians will utilize the mobile/wearable computing equipment for a variety of inspection, maintenance and repair functions related to military equipment currently on "active-duty.
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