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MINCMultilingual Internet Names Consortium
MINCMilitary-Industrial Complex
MINCMulticast-based Inference of Network-internal Characteristics
MINCMultiple Interacting Continua
MINCManagement Interactive Network Connection (USDA)
MINCMinnesota Intercollegiate Nursing Consortium (St. Olaf College; Gustavus Adolphus College; Northfield, MN)
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Despite what you might have heard or read over the last few days, the recent goings on in Syria have virtually nothing to do with democracy, attacking the Kurds, or ISIL's supposed desire to reconstruct the "Islamic caliphate", and everything to do with the desperate Military-Industrial Complex, the mere extras, and the US need/desire to eke out a few more years of full spectrum dominance.
We therefore call on fellow scholars and researchers to end all forms of complicity with the Israel military-industrial complex and urge the suspension of all forms of academic and cultural cooperation, collaboration or joint projects with Technion.
Whereas Adams describes the rise of the complex from the situation in which, "having dismantled the arsenals it did have, the government is forced to buy what it no longer can make" and government "confronts powerful oligopolists in a market where technical capability rather than price is the controlling variable" ("The Military-Industrial Complex," 655), Epstein shows that there was no lack of competition in the torpedo industry.
It seems, however, that the American military-industrial complex that seeks to secure U.
That Tuazon could cite the figures on the output of the US military-industrial complex is the best indicator that US foreign policy is open to public discussion.
His answers are inspired by the earlier work of Sidney Lens on the military-industrial complex and of Ernest Mandel on the periodization of capitalism.
Why don't the peace movement, the environmental movement and the labor movements get together and create a unified demand to convert the military-industrial complex to peaceful production?
As hippies broke own social barriers with sex, drugs and rock and roll, feminists and black activists joined with peace protesters to denounce the military-industrial complex.
So don't thank tax cuts, thank the military-industrial complex.
A professor of industrial engineering at Columbia University, he was a thorn in the side of the military-industrial complex, exposing the false rationales and economic absurdities of the arms race.
The troops' destination, a military-industrial complex called Camp Dogwood around 15 miles south west of Baghdad, also came under bombardment.
Proclaim that the military-industrial complex, movies and music that celebrate violence and misogyny, and the abuse and exploitation of children (to name a few) are not God's will and that the resurrection and ascension of Jesus mean that God has defeated them.
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