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MILLMilliarden (German: billions)
MILLMajor Indoor Lacrosse League (now National Lacrosse League)
MILLMaryland Independent Lacrosse League
MILLMultimedia Interactive Learning Laboratory (US and Australia)
MILLMerritt Island Little League (Merritt Island, FL)
MILLMotivating Individuals for Learning and Living (Rockford, IL)
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To a late hour in the night the sound of the grinding was protracted; for the mills were few in number compared with the grinders, and the weary and feeble ones were driven back by the strong, and came on last in their turn.
I s'pose you might call it a main street, an' your aunt Sawyer lives on it, but there ain't no stores nor mills, an' it's an awful one-horse village
After several times falling short of my destination and as often over-shooting it, I came unexpectedly round a corner, upon Mill Pond Bank.
The miller thought she must mean one of his puppies or kittens, so promised the nixy at once what she asked, and returned to his mill full of hope.
The bird settled on a lime-tree in front of the mill and sang:
The proprietor of a large old water-mill at Wellbridge--once the mill of an Abbey--had offered him the inspection of his time-honoured mode of procedure, and a hand in the operations for a few days, whenever he should choose to come.
I'm going to try my luck West, and you can sell the farm and mill, and keep the money-"
A CHARGER, feeling the infirmities of age, was sent to work in a mill instead of going out to battle.
     The man's mill had exploded.
The terror was no longer between him and Mill Valley.
And I sent a schooner clear to Hawaii to bring back a dismantled sugar mill and a German who said he knew the field-end of cane.
If you like to overtake him, you have only to go along the path that leads to the meadow; and the mill is at the end of it.