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MLMajor League (baseball)
MLMachine Learning
MLLocal (Richter) Magnitude
MLMail List
MLMile (5,280 feet; chiefly British)
MLMain Line (railroads)
MLMore-Less (scheduling scheme)
MLLocal Magnitude (US Geological Survey; used in conjunction with the Richter scale)
MLMulti Language
MLMachine Language
MLMain Library
MLManagement List
MLMore Later
MLMalolactic Fermentation (winemaking)
MLMaintenance Level (IBM AIX)
MLMalt Liquor
MLMovimiento Libertario (Spanish: Libertarian Movement)
MLManagement Level
MLMadina Lake (band)
MLManagement Learning
MLMag Light (flashlight)
MLMad Lion (singer)
MLLetter of Motivation
MLMiddlesex-London (Ontario)
MLMilitaire Luchtvaart (Dutch)
MLMetro Ligero (Madrid, Spain public transportation)
MLMana Leech (gaming, Diablo 2)
MLMaster Loot (Everquest, gaming)
MLInorganic Silts (soil type)
MLMatched Lines (Nortel)
MLMarae Lassel (gaming, Asheron's Call)
MLMismatch Loss
MLMaintenance Limit
MLLand Mobile Station
MLMario Lemiux (hockey player)
MLMission Liaison (US DoD)
MLMateriel List
MLMaître de Langue (French: Master of Language)
MLMelt Link
MLMilitary Payroll Money Lists
MLMixto Listo (Guatemala concrete producer)
ML(USN Rating) Molder
MLMarxist Leninist
MLMaster Library
MLMini Load
MLMission Load
MLMobile Launcher
MLMoney Laundering
MLMotor Launch
MLMunitions List
MLMatch Line
MLMaybe Later
MLMilitary Law
MLMean Life (atomic clock reliability)
MLMinor League (baseball)
MLMerrill Lynch
MLMiddle Latin
MLMATLAB (software)
MLMaximum Likelihood
MLMean Level
MLMaple Leafs (Canadian hockey team)
MLMedical Lake (Washington)
MLMiller Lite (beer)
MLMuslim League
MLMining Lease
MLMaple Leaf (Canada's emblem)
MLMost Likely
MLMucolipidosis (enzymatic genetic disorder)
MLMountain Leader
MLMicrolitre (1/1,000,000 litre; usually written as mu-litre)
MLMetropolitano de Lisboa (Lisbon Underground Railways)
MLMeta Language
MLMilitary Leave
MLMister Lonely (movie)
MLMoses Lake (Washington)
MLMaterial Loss (corrosion)
MLMeteorology Laboratory
MLMotherwell (postcode, United Kingdom)
MLMuch Love
MLMet-Life (insurance)
MLMaster of Librarianship (degree program)
MLMucocutaneous Leishmaniasis
MLMaster's in Leadership
MLMeasurement Level
MLMaturity Level
MLMy Love
MLMetro League
MLMonica Lewinsky
MLMarkup Language
MLMemory Load
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On the other hand, men of all ages, who had a PSA level of 3 nanograms per milliliter or greater, had a continually rising probability of dying from prostate cancer.
Persephone is available in four sizes - 50 and 750 milliliters, 1 liter and 1.
A test for sperm concentration which provides a clear cut answer to whether a man's sperm is greater than 20 million parts per milliliter will give a couple more information, and perhaps encourage them to seek the help of a fertility specialist.
Physicians typically send men with PSA readings greater than 10 nanograms per milliliter (ng/ml) of blood to get further tests or a prostate biopsy, in which a surgeon removes a small bit of the gland for analysis.
Aluminum hydroxide and magnesium concentration: 185-200mg/5ml; presentation: suspension / flask; route of administration: oral; bottle - 360 milliliter (ml),intermediate-acting insulin (nph) dosage form: liquid injection; concentration: 100 iu / ml; route of administration: subcutaneous; vial - 10 milliliter (ml),dental lidocaine dosage form: liquid injection, route of administration: periodontal with epinephrine: yes, concentration: 2% 1:100,000 cartridge - 1.
Even with T cell counts higher than 350 Cells/mm[super]3, patients would still be candidates for therapy if they have 30,000 to 55,000 copies of HIV per milliliter of blood.
The AMP 720 HIV infected population ("the study group") was designed to be similar to the referenced 8 patient Harvard Cohort in the following ways: a) HAART therapy was given for 9 months or more; b) immune cell level was generally satisfactory (CD4 level, equal/greater 400 per milliliter); and c) HIV RNA was less than 50 copies per milliliter of blood.
In the Hemopurifier case, Tullis removed HIV from several 10 milliliter samples of contaminated blood plasma.
63 nanograms per milliliter of fluid, roughly comparable to the amounts of natural sex hormones in these fetuses, says Warren G.
Treatment is also recommended when the amount of HIV in the bloodstream exceeds 55,000 viruses per milliliter of blood.
At the American Society for Microbiology meeting in Atlanta this week, the group reported finding up to 10 million bacteria per milliliter of water.