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MRADMission Requirements and Allocations Document
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MRADManipulative Radar Deception
MRADModular Return Air Disinfection
MRADMarshall Research and Development Corporation (Woburn, Massachusetts)
MRADMost Relevant Available Data
MRADMillion Radiation Absorbed Dose
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Turrets can be ordered with 1/8-MOA clicks (10 MOA per rotation) for target shooters, 1/4-MOA clicks (20 MOA per rotation) for general shooting, or in 1/10 milliradian clicks (one rail per rotation) for police/military use.
The milliradian was in the ball-park of what they were looking for, but 6,283.
Each thrust moved the spacecraft about two milliradians, which equals 0.
The last is why some long-range shooters insist the reticle have aiming points marked in minutes-of-angle or milliradians rather than the less consistent spacings found in many hunting scopes, with adjustment clicks in the same units.
Horus reticles are based on the following data: measured in USMC milliradians (mils); 1 mil = 3.