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MINCEMince Is not a Complete Emacs
MINCEMince Is Not Complete EMACS
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Maybe it was time to move onto the Moment of The First Mince Pie.
4 Add the peppers and onions to the mince and cook stirring for another 10 mins, watch that the mixture doesn't burn - you want it to be quite dry.
5/10 TESCO'S FINEST DEEP FILLED MINCE PIES, PS2 for 6 Quite a strong boozy taste, but there wasn't enough filling and they were a bit dry.
We think we have made the world's biggest mince pie that actually looks like a mince pie, it has got the star cut out on top too just as we would with our normal sized pies - only difference is this is 100 times bigger.
Losing his car and valuables was bad enough, but Dennis could not believe the-ut the raiders helped themselves to the mince pies he had saved for Christmas Day.
The chefs, including Michel Roux Jr and Raymond Blanc, are baking their ultimate mince pies which are being auctioned off online today to help raise money for FoodCycle, a project using surplus food to feed people at risk of food poverty, and Kids Company, supporting 36,000 vulnerable inner-city children.
6 MINCE pies were banned in the 17th century by Oliver Cromwell.
So, I am sitting here at this east-west dinner and everyone is interrupting everyone else with their travelogues and the tiresome effort it is to get a good room in a good hotel in Paris, one can't really stay just anywhere, can one, when these little food items arrive and the hostess says, have a mince pie.
I would then put it through the mincer adding to it a beef heart, giving the mince a bright red colour.
I replied: "That's great - he'd be happy with mince and tatties