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Frumenty and mince pie,' the Gnat replied; 'and it makes its nest in a Christmas box.
I don't mince words--a double-faced infernal traitor and schemer, who meant to have his son-in-law back all along.
The occasion was tense, and Subconscious Self did not mince its words.
By my faith, madam,' says Robin, ''tis in vain to mince the matter or tell any more lies about it; I am in earnest, as much as a man is that's going to be hanged.
shall we declaim against the ignorant peasantry of Ireland, and mince the matter when these American taskmasters are in question?
The time was nine o'clock of a November evening, and we were in a street of shops that has not in twenty years decided whether to be genteel or frankly vulgar; here it minces in the fashion, but take a step onward and its tongue is in the cup of the ice-cream man.
An average mince pie would contain 30g of mincemeat, over 400 times less than that contained in the giant creation.
Retired builder Dennis said: "It has ruined Christmas - I've been left with nothing and I can't even enjoy a mince pie.
Andreas Antona, Luke Tipping and Richard Turner are among 100 of the UK's best chefs competing in the Mince Pie Project to raise funds for two UK charities.
99: A hard to beat sparkler for the savvy shopper Score: MINCE PIES Specially Selected Mini Mince Pies PS1.