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MIRMail(ed) in Rebate
MIRMusic Information Retrieval
MIRMid Infrared
MIRMultimedia Information Retrieval
MIRMaryland International Raceway
MIRMovimiento de la Izquierda Revolucionaria (Spanish: Movement of the Revolutionary Left; Bolivia)
MIRMicropower Impulse Radar
MIRMultiple Isomorphous Replacement (X-ray crystallography)
MIRMaximum Incremental Reactivity
MIRMiddle Irish
MIRMaximum Information Rate (ATMF)
MIRMicrogravity Interdisciplinary Research
MIRMen in Red
MIRMedical International Research (Italy)
MIRMost Important Requirement (systems engineering)
MIRMaster of Industrial Relations
MIRMetro Investment Report
MIRMalarkey Image Replacement
MIRMicro-Instruction Register
MIRMillimeter-Wave Imaging Radiometer
MIRMercer Island Reporter (Community Newspaper)
MIRMaximum Individual Risk
MIRMonument Information Resource
MIRMicrowave Imaging Radiometer
MIRMedia Information Repository
MIRMedical Inspection Room
MIRMonastir, Tunisia - Skanes (Airport Code)
MIRMinimum Information Rate (frame relay circuits)
MIRMishap Investigation Report
MIRMcGill International Review
mIRMulticast Interactive Radio
MIRMaximum Impact Research
MIRMore Information Required
MIRMolecular Impulse Response
MIRMygrid Information Repository
MIRMatched-Information Rate
MIRMobile IMAP Reader
MIRMission Integration Review
MIRMom In Room (internet chat)
MIRMaster Inventory Record
MIRMaterial Inspection Report
MIRMilitary Infrastructure Requirement
MIRMusic Data Bases
MIRMajor Impact Report
MIRMission Impact Report
MIRMNC Interoperability Requirement
MIRMaximum Performance Achievable Increasing Resources
MIRModern Institute of Reflexology Inc
MIRMachine Initiation Relay
MIRMidday Intelligence Report (US CIA)
MIRMaster Index Report
MIRMaterial Investigation Report (GTE Services)
MIRMultiple Instructor Requirement
MIRMissile Intercept Report
MIRMandatory Inspection Requirement
MIRMaintenance Incident Report (Royal Australian Air Force)
MIRMobile Information Around Russia
MIRMerchant Initiated Return
MIRMajor Item Repairman
MIRManagement in Radiology
MIRMade in Romania
MIRMachine Independent Restoration (O&O Software)
MIRMarket Intelligence Report
MIRManx International Rally (Isle of Man)
MIRMilken Institute Review (various locations)
MIRMortgage Interest Rate (housing market)
MIRMallinckrodt Institute of Radiology (Washington University in St. Louis)
MIRMarket-Implied Ratings (Moody's)
MIRMusical Instrument Repair
MIRManagement Information Report
MIRManagement Information Repository (Sprint)
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Mir Chakar Khan Rind (ChakareAzam) was a Baloch chieftain in the 15th century and considered as a folk hero of the Baloch people and an important figure in the Baloch epic 'Hani' and 'Sheh Mureed'.
Mir is one of those fighters who would welcome him with open arms.
The nature of the meeting was made clear by the tweet mir posted immediately after the meeting.
Pakistan's Geo TV reported that Mir came to court in a wheelchair and left after giving a statement.
If they miss the deadlines to pay Taqui Mir will face an extra two years in prison, Khan 18 months and Mazhar Mir three months.
We explored the expression levels of miR-10b, miR-21, miR-205, miR 210, miR-335, and let-7a in early breast cancer patients and investigated the relationship of the relative expression levels of these biomarkers with clinical outcomes in all patients and in specific subgroups that were defined on the basis of ER/PR receptor expression, HER2, and lymph node status.
Pam Kendrick, Vice-President of MIR, added : "We have one of the most versatile and premier motorsport and entertainment facilities and it is my goal to continue to build valuable partnerships like the one with NAPA AUTO PARTS and MIR that will allow us to expand our schedule and racing facilities".
It has lodged a pounds 40m claim against Mir Steel at the High Court in London, seeking to have its ownership of the strip mill recognised.
A large number of websites carry the contents of the audiotape, describing it a candid conversation on the telephone between Hamid Mir and a militant.
In the end, it was Mir, the former UFC heavyweight champion, who was victorious after he forced Lesnar to tap out at 1:30 of the first round in the co-main event of the card.
Mir has successfully deployed this sort of ingenuous participatory mode before.
Detector[R] MIR (Micropower Impulse Radar) sensors are available in two series.