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The girls were up at four this morning, packing her trunks, sister," replied Miss Jemima; "we have made her a bow-pot.
Now, a proud usher in a Yorkshire school was such a very extraordinary and unaccountable thing to hear of,--any usher at all being a novelty; but a proud one, a being of whose existence the wildest imagination could never have dreamed--that Miss Squeers, who seldom troubled herself with scholastic matters, inquired with much curiosity who this Knuckleboy was, that gave himself such airs.
At last they went up slowly, in the order, though not at all in the manner, of their flying descent; followed Miss Wilson into the class-room; and stood in a row before her, illumined through three western windows with a glow of ruddy orange light.
And yet a coolness grows between Miss Shepherd and myself.
She and Miss Bartlett are full of the praises of your sermon.
This undeveloped was the possibility, which Richard Swiveller sought to conceal even from himself, of his not being proof against the charms of Miss Wackles, and in some unguarded moment, by linking his fortunes to hers forever, of putting it out of his own power to further their notable scheme to which he had so readily become a party.
If Miss Cornelia had announced her intention of going out to the channel and drowning herself the thing might have been believable.
THIS is Miss Moppet jumping just too late; she misses the Mouse and hits her own head.
My correspondent has just left Miss Ladd," the doctor answered.
I beg your Ladyship's pardon," said Miss Pink, doubting the evidence of her own ears.
But you know, Miss Potterson,' this was suggested very meekly though, 'if I behave myself, you can't help serving me, miss.
Altogether, there was something odd and goblin-like about her appearance,--something, as Miss Ophelia afterwards said, "so heathenish," as to inspire that good lady with utter dismay; and turning to St.