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MRSMistress (title of address)
MrsMisses (title of address)
MRSMaterials Research Society
MRSMagnetic Resonance Spectroscopy
MRSMarket Research Society
MRSMarsa (postal locality, Malta)
mRSModified Rankin Scale
MRSMarginal Rate of Substitution
MRSModel Railway Society
MRSMonitored Retrievable Storage
MRSMobile Radio Service
MRSMaintenance Repair & Service
MRSMedia Recognition System
MRSMovimiento de Renovación Sandinista (Sandinista Renovation Movement, Nicaragua)
MRSMicrowave Remote Sensing
MRSMelkersson-Rosenthal Syndrome
MRSAir Marshall Islands (ICAO code)
MRSMaritime Register of Shipping (Russia)
MRSMilitary Railway Service (US Army)
MRSMobility Requirements Study
MRSMinimum Required Strength
MRSMessage Relay Service
MRSManaged Router Service (AT&T)
MRSMouse Rage Syndrome (website usability)
MRSMitochondria Research Society
MRSMuzzle Reference Sensor
MRSMonash Residential Services (Clayton, Victoria, Australia)
MRSMobile Remote Servicer
MRSMinimum Reporting Standards
MRSMIDI Recording Studio (Amiga and Atari ST software)
MRSMissing Return Statement (software fault)
MRSMarket Regulation Services Inc
MRSMedium Resolution Spectrometer
MRSMain Supply Road
MRSMaryland Relay Service (Telephone)
MRSMortality Reporting System
MRSMolecular Replacement Solution
MRSMichigan Radiological Society
MRSMini-Rawin System (meteorology)
MRSde Man, Rogosa and Sharpe Agar (microbiology)
MRSMarketing Requirements Specification
MRSMeasurements Repository System
MRSMultiple Response Surface
MRSMemo Routing Slip
MRSMine Roller System (US Marine Corps)
MRSMedium-Range Sonar
MRSMaintenance Requirements System (US Navy)
MRSModified Rogers Scale
MRSMaterial Release Schedule
MRSModerator Recovery System
MRSMaui Race Series (windsurfing)
MRSMovement Reporting System
MRSMobile Radio Subsystem
MRSMission Recorder System
MRSMelksham Referees Society (UK)
MRSManaged RADIUS Service (Sprint)
MRSMILA Relay System (NASA)
MRSMarkov Renewal Sequence
MRSMain Ring Simulator
MRSMobility Response Squadron
MRSMilitary Railway Switcher
MRSMobilization Reserve Stocks
MRSMilitary Requirement Schedule
MRSMain Reflector Surface
MRSMucus Recovery System (hospital billing code)
MRSMilitary Enlistment Processing Reporting Subsystem
MRSMobilization Requirement Study
MRSMulticommand Requirement Submission
MRSMultiple Ramp Scheme
MRSMulti-purpose Reproducer Set
MRSMateriel Repair System
MRSMILSTAR Remoting System
MRSManagement, Resource, and Support
MRSMagnetiese Resonansspektro-Skopie
MRSMidland Roller Sports
MRSMake Ready for Sale (automobile dealers)
MRSMarseilles, France - Marseille-Provence (Airport Code)
MRSMini-Reconstruction System
MRSMini Recording System
MRSMiscellaneous Revenue System
MRSManagement Research Services (various locations)
MRSMarkov Regime Switching (forecasting)
MRSMarine Recruiting Station
MRSMission Required Strength (US DoD)
MRSMedical Review System
MRSModified Racing Series
MRSMaximum Record Size (computing)
References in classic literature ?
You won't mind if I talk a good deal about her, will you, Mistress Blythe?
It is my mistress you love; you told me so just now.
Good God," cried Kitty, "there is my mistress calling me
My mistress took this ill news more quietly than my master.
Both mistress and maid were equally taken by surprise.
Oh Jeremiah,' said Mistress Affery, 'I have been a-dreaming
Come,” he cried, “come, Mistress Remarkable, bring yourself to an anchor on this chair.
inquired my mistress, addressing herself once more to the Sergeant.
The last sad day had come; the footman and the heavy luggage had gone off the day before, and there were only master and mistress and her maid.
Shelby, who, with a little womanly complacency in match-making, felt pleased to unite her handsome favorite with one of her own class who seemed in every way suited to her; and so they were married in her mistress' great parlor, and her mistress herself adorned the bride's beautiful hair with orange-blossoms, and threw over it the bridal veil, which certainly could scarce have rested on a fairer head; and there was no lack of white gloves, and cake and wine,--of admiring guests to praise the bride's beauty, and her mistress' indulgence and liberality.
But devoted to her mistress, and, making allowance for her awkwardness, not a bad nurse.
No--the Mistress said to the Maid--" He stopped abruptly, and raised himself erect in the chair; he threw up both his hands above his head, and burst into a frightful screaming laugh.