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MIXMilan Internet Exchange
MIXMultiservice Interchange (Cisco Systems, Inc.)
MIXManagement Information Exchange
MIXMediation of Information using XML
MIXMember Information Exchange
MIXMultimedia Internet Exchange
MIXMulticast-Friendly Internet Exchange
MIXMultilateral Information Exchange (large-project coordination approach)
MIXManipulated, Independent, X Axis (graphing variables)
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For this purpose he called for a cup, and while filling it with water, pretended to mix poison with the Cobbler's antidote, commanding him to drink it on the promise of a reward.
Mix for yourself and take a seat in the chimbley-corner.
On each occasion of his saying 'mix again', Mr Wegg, with a hop on his wooden leg, hitches his chair a little nearer; more as if he were proposing that himself and Mr Venus should mix again, than that they should replenish their glasses.
The moist, delicious standout features yellow cake mix layers embellished with instant vanilla pudding mix, coconut milk and ground up sweetened coconut.
A differential rotor surface speed between the rotors is created due to the interaction of the minor diameter of one rotor working the product mix against the major diameter of the opposing rotor.
Pumping units with mix ratios from 1:1 to 18:1 draw materials from catalyst and resin storage tanks, and deliver components to a static-mixing head where a transfer hose can be used to deliver mix to spray guns or dispensing valves.
In the bowl of an electric mixer fitted with the paddle, mix cream cheese and butter until combined.
The purpose of our current study is to develop a low-cost cold mix for paving and patching containing 100 percent RAP and shingles that uses a significant portion of oversize RAP and oversize shingles.
As the temperature rises, the solvents evaporate, which allows the part 1 and part 2 to react more quickly, further decreasing the benchlife of the sand mix.
Experiments over the past decade have shown that a bewildering number of factors influence whether a given combination of particles in the tumbler will thoroughly mix or one of countless segregation patterns will appear.
Tape drive upgrade paths and vendor migrations are not the only drivers for wanting to mix media in libraries.
Companies must not only develop a strategic marketing mix that will be most effective for their brands but also be prepared to back the chosen promotional activities with sufficient resources.