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MNEMONICSMnemonics Neatly Eliminate Man's Only Nemesis - Insufficient Cerebral Storage
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Bellezza (1981) defined mnemonics as a strategy that creates and uses a cognitive cuing structure to organize and encode information for the express purpose of making it more memorable.
For instance, there are no clever mnemonics to help you remember the several co-morbid conditions that go hand in hand with Down syndrome.
Items 1-4 illustrate the first-letter or acronym mnemonic, and 5-10 are examples of the acrostic construction of mnemonics.
Dr Chris Upton is looking for handy mnemonics to remember the emperors of Rome and the prime ministers of the 19th century Britain in time for next term at Newman College of Higher Education in Birmingham.
The first chapter proposes that we find a correspondence between Oulipian constraints and the mnemonic techniques of the middle ages.
The results of work by Mastropieri and her colleagues provide strong support for the claim that mnemonics instruction is "an effective learning and memory strategy for handicapped learners" (Mastropieri et al.
Mnemonics or "memory devices," from the Greek word mimneesko (I remember), simplify the task of recalling large amounts of material by effectively summarizing it in nonsensical ("on old Olympus' terraced top.
Can you create 2 mnemonic sentences that will help everyone remember how to spell mathematics?
Carruthers also considers others mnemonics like Hugh of St Victor's Chronica which used elaborate number schemes and John of Garland's aide memoire for remembering various languages.
Although I would normally abhor the proliferation of mnemonics, codes, numbers, etc.
In response to Anil's mnemonics, here are three of mine, each followed by Anil's response to mine.