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39 billion was contributed to the AFP Modernization Program.
The Global Police Modernization Market 2015-2025 - Competitive Landscape and Strategic Insights: Market Profile" allows you to:
Have access to a detailed analysis of defense spending patterns including forecasts of Police Modernization spending till 2025 by region.
The Deputy Minister explained delay in modernization of the hydropower plant with protracted tender procedures.
Drilon suggested the AFP put some of its military reservation lands to productive use in order to generate funds for modernization.
The cross-industry survey included a rigorous analysis of the modernization needs of those 100 enterprises indicating a desire to migrate from legacy computing platforms, databases and programming languages.
Architecture is the blueprint for organizational transformation and technology modernization.
But, not all of the critics of the modernization plan are convinced the airfield is necessary.
The Unisys Application Modernization Service is the industry's most practical, step-by-step service designed to help CIOs securely overcome application agility-lag in the industry's multi-trillion dollar mainframe application inventory.
The IRS's previous attempts at major technological modernization have not been successful.
Levine's modernization time-frame is 1000-1348 and the decisive shifts occurred not in intellectual history but in social, political, technological, and, to a lesser extent, economic history.
However, Smith has turned his foundry's part captive status into a positive by using that steady flow of production as a means to increase efficiency through technology mechanization and modernization.