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MOKEMagneto-Optical Kerr Effect
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On the idea of a second double, Moke added: "Yeah of course we can, we look at the team and the players we have got here and we have got a great chance.
The new Moke is presently available on sale in Thailand and is likely to arrive at Australian dealerships by the end of the year.
The original Moke was built in the UK between 1964 and 1968 before production transferred to Australia and Portugal until the early 1990s.
The Mini Moke was a robust vehicle with drivetrain technology carried over from the classic Mini.
For Moke the biggest challenge of Working Solutions is trying to do more private work on top of her other commitments, including part-time work at Lincoln University's student health and support.
Teams Manawatu: F Br yant; B Gray, J Campbell, M Oldridge, J Leota; G Smith, J Hargreaves; S Moore, N Kemp, K Barrett, T Faleafaga, P Rodgers, H Triggs, J Bradknock, B Matenga Replacements: S Easton, I Cook, P Maisiri, C Moke, D Palu, N Buckley, B Trew
Pairoh Thipayathat also conducts regular meditation session for international group in Suan Moke, Chaiya for the first ten days of the month.
Calhoun also discovers that Mark McHenry, his navigator, and Moke, the young boy he adopted in a previous episode, are somehow tied to these beings.
That combination - Otep, Rob on guitar, Moke on drums and eViL j on bass - released its full-length Capitol Records debut, ``Sevas Tra'' (that's ``Art Saves'' backward), in June.
The retired bank supervisor, who has also built a doorless Mini Moke and a six-wheeler Mini pick-up truck - spent pounds 1,500 and 12 L-O-N-G months building his Mini-limo.
THERE is a prevailing thought that an extended run in the FA Trophy will often put paid to a club's chances of gaining the ultimate ambition of promotion back to the Football League, however Adriano Moke refutes any such suggestion, pointing to the double success of York City as the perfect example.
And what is also pleasing for Mills is that there is an empty physios room after Adriano Moke has returned to action after a hamstring strain.