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MOLLIEMobile Learning Lab for Information Education
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Mollie said: "The minute I meet someone I know if I'm attracted to them.
Last month Mollie laughed at the idea her Strictly performance was overshadowed by her rumoured romance.
Matthew, who sits on the Scissett Working Men's Club committee, said: "Both Mollie and I feel so passionately about The Sick Children's Trust after they helped our families when we needed it the most.
Playing the chirpy New York orphan was a highlight for Mollie with her citing Sandy the stray dog (otherwise known as Daisy) as her favourite cast member to work with.
And now they have opened their latest shop in Shrewsbury - with Mollie deciding what goes on the shelves for their sweet-toothed customers.
Her college has allowed Mollie to juggle her passion for fashion with her love for music and she is now taking the opportunity for a career in music management with both hands.
In the spring of 2009, an epiphany of staggering importance emerged from the research for "A Voyage of Discovery: Exploring a Kaleidoscope of Religion and Culture in the Writings of Mollie Hunter.