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MOLLIEMobile Learning Lab for Information Education
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Mollie told Notion magazine: "David cooks for me pretty much every night.
The ECHO has teamed up with Dogs Trust Merseyside to help find a new home for Mollie and the many other homeless dogs across Merseyside.
Mollie stars in the quirky short film Incognito Witch: Paint My Life an official selection of the Awareness Festival 2014 in Los Angeles and winner of the LGBTQAI Track Award at Nine Worlds in London.
Playing the chirpy New York orphan was a highlight for Mollie with her citing Sandy the stray dog (otherwise known as Daisy) as her favourite cast member to work with.
But Mollie admitted they had been nervous before filming the show:
They've been spotted kissing a few times and Mollie has fallen for him in a big way.
Mollie was only a baby when Woolworths closed down and the boys used to say you couldn't get it really anywhere else since it closed.
Harry likes discreet girls and Mollie seems to be enjoying the publicity a bit too much," the friend said.
Alongside studying, 17-year-old Mollie produces music videos and has been able to take advantage of the hi-tech iMovie editing facilities at the Coleg Morgannwg's Nantgarw campus.
In the spring of 2009, an epiphany of staggering importance emerged from the research for "A Voyage of Discovery: Exploring a Kaleidoscope of Religion and Culture in the Writings of Mollie Hunter.