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Val and I knew each other even before our appointment but it was in our working together at the Monetary Board where my respect and admiration for him grew deeper.
The Monetary Board believes that the BSP has attained sufficient progress in its shift towards the use of market-based monetary instruments since the adoption of the interest rate corridor (IRC) framework in June 2016,' Espenilla said.
The monetary base has increased dramatically, along with the size of the Fed's balance sheet, but the monetary transmission mechanism is plugged up by interest on excess reserves, macro-prudential regulation (including, e.
Focusing on asset prices, the Federal Reserve Board's John Rogers explored the relationship between unconventional monetary policies and risk premiums.
No doubt, secondary markets are influenced by various economic, social and psychological dimensions irrespective of economic setups but monetary policy is an active player in this realm [1].
In April last year, the BOJ introduced drastic measures to double the monetary base in two years by pumping large amounts of money into financial markets to pull Japan out of deflation that has lasted for nearly 15 years.
Al-Saleh said that the GCC monetary union project should be implemented without delay.
The evolution of monetary policy frameworks has implications for monetary conditionality in Fund-supported programs.
This study contributes to the growing body of literature on the relationship between monetary policy and stock returns in several ways.
Second, we outline the empirical methods we use to estimate the relationship between monetary policy shocks and long-term interest rates.
The paper is very interesting as it tracks Chinese monetary policy using the narrative approach.
The Millers moved for summary judgment on the ground that Bentley was never in monetary default under the lease and therefore, the guaranty had automatically expired.