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MZMainz (Germany)
MZMitteldeutsche Zeitung (German newspaper)
MZMach-Zehnder (interferometer)
MZMotorrad und Zweiradwerk (German: Motorcycle and Two-Wheeler Factory; also seen as MuZ)
MZMark Zbikowski (an early DOS programmer whose initials are in EXE files)
MZMarble Zone (Sonic 1 level)
MZMagnetic Azimuth
MZMotorenwerke Zschopau (German motorbikeTM)
MZMetropolis Zone (Sonic 2 level)
MZMakkelijk Zat
MZMambo Zombies (band)
MZMove Zig (For Great Justice; Zero Wing)
MZMonroy Zuñiga (Guatemala, freight cargo company)
MZMisfitz Clan (gaming clan)
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Congenital CAVB in monozygotic twins is rarer, and usually defined in the literature as an autoimmune mechanism (2,3).
In 16 of the 27 monozygotic twin pairs participating in the study, one member of the pair had been exposed to cytomegalovirus but the other had not.
Congenital scoliosis in monozygotic twins genetically determined or acquired in utero?
The present case seems to be a non-inherited teratogenic defect of development of monozygotic fetus with duplication of cranial parts.
Primary Biliary Cirrhosis in Monozygotic and Dizygotic Twins: Genetics, Epigenetics, and Environment.
The first (counselled by JGRK) involved the problem of possible monozygotic twinning and whether one twin had the right to have predictive testing for HD when the other refused such testing.
Among the 25% of twin pregnancies that are monozygotic (from one egg), the egg splits more slowly in 75% of cases, creating monochorionic twins that share a placenta and circulation.
The studies conducted by McGuffin and Reich on monozygotic and dizygotic twins suggest genetic predisposition because high concordance rate was found in monozygotic with absence in dizygotics and more prevalence in first degree relatives of OCD than in population at large.
That's why Maren and I are quite interesting monozygotic twins (meaning we came from one egg) because I have developed breast cancer and she hasn't.
There are two types of twins: dizygotic and monozygotic twins.
Often,] twin one has full autism and twin two has a pastel version, [especially] in monozygotic twins," he said.