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MOODMetrics for Object-Oriented Design
MOODMidshipman Officer of the Deck (maritime academies)
MOODMaterials Object-Oriented Database
MOODMid Ohio Organized Disc Golf
MOODMeasure of Outcome in Ocular Disease (ophthalmology)
MOODMETU (Middle East Technical University) Object-Oriented Database (Software Research and Development Center; Middle East Technical University; Turkey)
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At the onset and after each phase of the study, participants answered a common questionnaire, also known as Profiles of Mood States (POMS), about key mood domains such as tension, depression, anger, vigor, fatigue and confusion.
Indeed, baseball's performance aligns with social mood too, argues Hall, who created the SWAT index tracking major league home runs and strikeouts against the U.
Previous studies have found social support and befriending to be beneficial to mood disorders in adolescents while recent experiments suggest that an individual's emotional state can be affected by exposure to the emotional expressions of social contacts.
amp;nbsp;This indicates that there's something more to depression than simply a low mood.
Cappello's endeavors to write about mood are equally inextricable from life's distractions--because mood obviously does not exist apart from life.
A surgeon with a reputation for being unapproachable arrives for surgery in a particularly bad mood.
People born at certain times of the year have a far greater chance of developing certain types of temperaments, which can lead to mood disorders, the telegraph reported.
In addition, Brave and Nass (2003) provide a research framework for distinguishing the effects of emotion and mood in human-computer interaction.
Which explains why a survey by the Food and Mood project, led by mental health charity Mind, found that nearly 90% of people who took part found that changing their diet improved their mental health.
As well as looking at key mood-lifting foods, there has also been interesting research to suggest that trying to lose weight on a diet that restricts calories too severely can have a detrimental effect on mood too.
Which explains why a survey by the Food and Mood project, led by mental health charity Mind, revealed nearly 90 per cent of people who took part in their study found that changing their diet significantly improved their mental health.