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mop1Mediator of Paramutation 1
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One dose of mOP1 elicits a stronger type 1-specific immune response, compared with 1 dose of trivalent OPV, for which the type 2 and 3 vaccine components interfere with the response to the type 1 component (5-7).
Through close cooperation among GOI, vaccine manufacturers, and partner agencies, mOP1 was developed, licensed, and used during the SIA rounds of April, May, and June 2005 in Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Mumbai, Delhi, and certain districts of Uttaranchal.
The adoption of measures to monitor that the Protocol is being respected: a compromise allows the conference to adopt these measures by means of a "decision" taken by MOP1 with the understanding (a gesture made to Saudi Arabia) that the preamble anticipates discussions that will result in a real amendment to the Protocol.