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MOPEMinistry of Population and Environment (Kathmandu, Nepal)
MOPEMost Oppressed People Ever (Irish slang)
MOPEMinistry of Public Education
MOPEManagement of Perspective Economics (finance)
MOPEManagers, Owners, Professionals and Entrepreneurs
MOPEMinistry of Petroleum and Energy (Norway)
MOPEMulti-Mission Orbital Replacement Unit Protective Enclosure
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Be sure to include training that you don't even have a change of using on a MOPE and rush through the important parts like driving courses with a minimum amount of practice.
No Mopes Allowed" will support Oliver's efforts to protect and serve the community.
Be sure to include training that you don't have a chance of utilizing on a MOPE while rushing through the important parts, like driving courses, with a minimum amount of practice, and;