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MOPEMinistry of Population and Environment (Kathmandu, Nepal)
MOPEMost Oppressed People Ever (Irish slang)
MOPEMinistry of Public Education
MOPEManagement of Perspective Economics (finance)
MOPEMinistry of Petroleum and Energy (Norway)
MOPEMulti-Mission Orbital Replacement Unit Protective Enclosure
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I am hurt that my daughter, seated in the--hum--lap of fortune, should mope and retire and proclaim herself unequal to her destiny.
I knew it must be so: that so it always had been, and so it ever would be: and when I cowered in some obscure corner of a crowded room, and saw men whisper, and point, and turn their eyes towards me, I knew they were telling each other of the doomed madman; and I slunk away again to mope in solitude.
But anyway, he gets out by himself and mopes and thinks; and mostly he hunts for a lonesome place high up on the hill in the edge of the woods, and sets there and looks away off on the big Mississippi down there a-reaching miles and miles around the points where the timber looks smoky and dim it's so far off and still, and everything's so solemn it seems like everybody you've loved is dead and gone, and you 'most wish you was dead and gone too, and done with it all.