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MOPEDMinistry of Planning and Economic Development (various locations)
MOPEDMotorized Pedicycle
MOPEDMotor or Pedal Power
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And bringing in her brother Stevie as soon as she could into the current of domestic events, she mentioned that the boy had moped a good deal.
The boy, whenever he was not doing anything, moped in the house.
As to Stevie, he moped no longer at the foot of the clock, but muttered to himself in corners instead in a threatening tone.
Thereupon he drank and moped for a week, and then hanged himself.
If there be any who have never known the blank that follows death-- the weary void--the sense of desolation that will come upon the strongest minds, when something familiar and beloved is missed at every turn--the connection between inanimate and senseless things, and the object of recollection, when every household god becomes a monument and every room a grave--if there be any who have not known this, and proved it by their own experience, they can never faintly guess how, for many days, the old man pined and moped away the time, and wandered here and there as seeking something, and had no comfort.
The Cyprus News Agency said the driver lost control of the moped, hit a pothole and then the pavement.
South Wales Police have appealed for witnesses to the collision, or anyone might have seen the two mopeds before the collision to call 101.
He was thrown from a moped after the driver lost control and skidded off the road.
The object of procurement is the procurement of spare parts (hereinafter referred to as goods) and services for maintenance (hereinafter: a) a moped brands Tomos type: APN 6 S, PTT APN, APN A6 and HIP HOP, according to the description and the quantities specified in the Bill of Quantities in section XII.
8220;The X-Treme XB-504 is X-Treme Scooters' entry level moped style electric bike.
The 16-year-old was at Brook Lane, Danby, near Coombs Farm, at around 2pm, when her black Yamaha moped collided with a blue Audi TT heading towards Danby Castle.
A 16-year-old male riding the Gilera moped was left with a broken ankle following a crash with a Suzuki car on New Hey Road, on Friday, April 18.