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MOPSMothers Of Preschoolers
MOPS3-(n-Morpholino)Propanesulfonic Acid
MOPSMicrosoft Office Project Server (computing)
MOPSMacro Operations
MOPSMinimized Open Pc System
MOPSMinister of Public Security (various locations)
MOPSMail Order Pet Supplies (California)
MOPSMinimum Operational Performance Standards
MOPSMean of Platts Singapore (crude oil pricing)
MOPSMillions of Operations Per Second
MOPSMeasure of Performance
MOPSMission Operations Planning System (US NASA)
MOPSMail Order Protection Scheme
MOPSMissouri Office of Prosecution Services
MOPSManeuver Operations Program (US NASA)
MOPSMembers of Police Staff (UK)
MOPSMike’s Object-oriented Programming System
MOPSMobile Post System
MOPSMcDonald Observatory Planetary Search
MOPSMilitary Online Personnel System
MOPSMetrics, Operational Tools, Processes and Procedures, Standards (management techniques for improving the management of IT Production Systems)
MOPSMan Operated Propulsion System
MOPSMultiple Operator Station
MOPSMobile Office Personal Space
MOPSModel Oilspill Prediction System
MOPSMaster Oscillator Power Supply
MOPSMission Operations Element (US DoD)
MOPSMids Oil Platts Singapore
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She asked if the viewers were going to mop the bathroom and around the toilet, then use the same mop on the kitchen floor where the children played.
Following cleaning, the inspector returned to collect the robotic mops and clearance dust samples from all floors that had been cleaned with the robotic mops.
Hardly a man or woman with any pretensions to selfrespect could be seen at the Mop last Monday, and the thousands were composed of shouting hobbledehoys, screaming girls, drunken men and shouting women.
There are no legal or policy limitations on selling MOPs to Israel, and with an operational stockpile at Whiteman Air Force Base in Missouri, the U.
The many features include a detachable steamer for hand use, dense micro-fibre fitted cloth mop head, 60 degree universal joint and integrated cord wrap hook.
Two Maids & A Mop originally partnered with The Cleaning for a Reason foundation in 2005 and has since donated more than $200,000 in free services to more than 500 women with cancer.
Since disposable mops are made from new materials to a validated process they provide consistent and predictable performance.
Early episodes included "interviews" with a make-up artist, a car valeting salesman and a mop designer.
Tools include ultra microfibre mops and cloths, scrapers and spray bottles.
Under normal cleaning procedures, after washing, the mops are set in a container of detergent/disinfectant and transported to the site ready for use; on the other hand, with the Solo System, the mop is only soaked with a set dose of detergent/disinfectant just before use.
Butler launched two major mop introductions at the show: The Mr.
9 million dollar contract to build four MOPs, The Jerusalem Post reports.