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MTRMountaintop Removal (coal mining method)
MTRMass Transit Railway
MTRMid-Term Review
MTRMagnetization Transfer Ratio
MTRMeet the Robinsons (animated film)
MTRMuseum of Television and Radio
MTRMarginal Tax Rate (How the government taxes us in brackets)
MTRMobile Termination Rate
MTRMinistry of Tourism
MTRMaterials Test Reactor
MTRMilitary Training Route
MTRMaterial Test Report
MTRMaximum Transmission Unit
MTRMilitary Technical Revolution
MTRMotion to Revoke (bail or probation)
MTRMissile Tracking Radar
MTRMiller Tabak Roberts Securities, LLC
MTRMedical Transcriptionist
MTRMaterial Testing Reactor
MTRMaximum Transition Run
MTRMean Time to Restore
MTRMagnetic Tape Recorder
MTRMavalli Tiffin Room
MTRModule Test and Repair
MTRMagnetic Tape Recording
MTRMarine Transportation Related (EPA)
MTRMotorized Transportation Regiment (Iraqi Transportation Corps)
MTRMaximum Tolerable Risk
MtRMummy: the Resurrection (game)
MTRMinimum Technical Requirement
MTRMiniature Temperature Recorder
MTRMontour Railroad Company
MTRMinimum Technology Requirement
MTRMandatory Turn-In Repairable
MTRMobile Traffic Recording (collects all uplink information for a specific operator defined GSM mobile phone)
MTRMonths To Roll
MTRMaster in Translational Research
MTRMilitary Training for Ratings
MTRMultiple Threat Response
MTRMajandustegevuse Registrister
MTRMoon Town Records
MTRMulti-User Transmitted Reference
MTRMerchandise Transfer Report
MTRMaximun Thermal Retention (Columbia)
MTRManufacturer's Test Results (oilfield casing)
MTRMetallurgical Test Report
MTRMuzeul Taranului Roman (Romanian: Romanian Peasant Museum)
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Many sites put in gas engines originally because the power company would not allow the yard to put in an AC motor at the time.
with a synchronous-torque motor (from Siemens) for its lab in Germany.
While the IRS argued that motor homes are property used predominantly for lodging, the taxpayer contended that they are used primarily for transportation.
A hydraulic direct drive system consists of a sound insulated power unit (electric motor, pump, oil tank/filters and a control system) connected by flexible hoses and/or steel pipes to a high torque, low speed (variable) hydraulic motor (figure 1).
This product launch represents Microchip's continued expansion into the motor-control market, targeting single-phase motor control applications that require variable speed control and more energy efficient operation," said Cheri Keller, product marketing manager of the Advanced Microcontroller and Automotive Division at Microchip.
Nor does it meet with our preference that the sensor-less motor driver be able to function with any motor without requiring any modification of said motor.
Had we known it had been repurchased for faults, we would never have purchased the vehicle," Sodari-Smith told the California Division of Motor Vehicles during a hearing on Chrysler lemon-laundering charges in 1995.
Technological advances in biology and physics are revving up research on kinesin and myosin, the two major kinds of motor proteins, Building on research during the last three decades, several groups are now "setting the stage to solve the mechanism by which these biological motors move," says Steven M.
Banquet Committee: Chairman--Charles Grech, Ford Motor Co.
Table 1: Long-Term Potential for Efficient Electric Motor Systems (2010 P) - percentage Share Breakdown by Opportunity -Improved Motor-Mechanical Subsystem Integration, Process Utilization and Optimization, Motor Efficiency Enhancement and Improved Electrical Distribution (includes corresponding Graph/Chart) II-8