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MTRMass Transit Railway
MTRMid-Term Review
MTRMagnetization Transfer Ratio
MTRMeet the Robinsons (animated film)
MTRMuseum of Television and Radio
MTRMarginal Tax Rate (How the government taxes us in brackets)
MTRMobile Termination Rate
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MTRMilitary Training Route
MTRMaterial Test Report
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MTRModule Test and Repair
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MTRMarine Transportation Related (EPA)
MTRMotorized Transportation Regiment (Iraqi Transportation Corps)
MTRMaximum Tolerable Risk
MtRMummy: the Resurrection (game)
MTRMinimum Technical Requirement
MTRMiniature Temperature Recorder
MTRMontour Railroad Company
MTRMinimum Technology Requirement
MTRMandatory Turn-In Repairable
MTRMobile Traffic Recording (collects all uplink information for a specific operator defined GSM mobile phone)
MTRMonths To Roll
MTRMaster in Translational Research
MTRMilitary Training for Ratings
MTRMultiple Threat Response
MTRMajandustegevuse Registrister
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MTRMuzeul Taranului Roman (Romanian: Romanian Peasant Museum)
References in classic literature ?
I have been run over by a motor car," his patient said, speaking slowly and with something singularly agreeable in his voice notwithstanding its slight accent of pain.
Are you going back to London in the motor car, then?
Taylor had found the ingredients for chemical fuel, and the distilling of them had, with the motor trouble, accounted for their delay in setting out after me.
Warren was hurrying as fast as another motor car could bring him.
If you say the same thing to a child who does not yet know the word "motor," but does know the other words you are using, you produce a feeling of anxiety and doubt you will have to point and say, "There, that's a motor.
The word "motor" can make you leap aside, just as the motor can, but it cannot break your bones.
The child is not seeing a motor, but only remembering one; the hearer does not look round in expectation of seeing a motor coming, but "understands" that a motor came at some earlier time.
It required no more exertion on Saxon's part to start him than had been required on his part to start the motor.
Fascinated by the five-inch stream, sluiced out of the earth and back to the earth by the droning motor, he forgot his discourse and stood and gazed, rapt and unheeding, while his visitors drove on.
Gay farewells and parting admonitions mingled with the whirring of motors and the subdued noises of the city.
com/research/2534gv/world_electric) has announced the addition of the "World Electric Motors - Market Opportunities and Forecasts, 2014 - 2020" report to their offering.
With the overload capabilities of an electric motor, yards can expect to see significant performance gains.