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Fitchburg, no inspection sticker, not responsible; operating a motor vehicle with a suspended registration, dismissed upon payment of $100 in court costs; uninsured motor vehicle, dismissed.
The estimated number of motor vehicle thefts increased 0.
An area of uncertainty within the motor vehicle exception relates to the discovery of containers within the vehicle.
At the National Association of Insurance Commissioners' industry liaison meeting at the organization's quarterly meeting in Chicago, insurance trade groups identified motor vehicle records and their handling as an issue of growing concern and proposed using a Web-based service to fix it.
233 million tons, including 693,000 tons of motor vehicle applications.
Among durable goods materials, the output of parts for high-technology equipment continued to increase rapidly; the output of parts for consumer goods, particularly for motor vehicles, declined.
Later, when Skogebo returned to the dealership to retrieve the paperwork on her Colt to take to the Division of Motor Vehicles, she says the dealer shredded all the papers in front of her.
When partitioned into the following categories (1) high school not completed, (2) high school only, and (3) more than high school education, the distributions of educational categories between firearm and motor vehicle in juries were not statistically different.
This latest launch builds on the successful collaboration whereby in April last year Co-op Insurance NZ provided a white label comprehensive motor vehicle insurance for distribution via Providents national network of dealers.
A lawful search under the motor vehicle exception requires the existence of probable cause to believe that the vehicle contains evidence or contraband and that the searching officers have lawful access to the vehicle.
In addition, the production of motor vehicles, which had declined some in October, increased sharply.
Aluminum casting shipments are projected to reach an all-time high of 1,673,000 tons in 1995 as their use in motor vehicle and engine applications continues to grow.