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MOVIEMeeting of Villains Isn't Entertaining (Kids Next Door show)
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Ang Panday' (from the movie Ang Panday) - composed and arranged by Gloc 9, interpreted by Gloc 9 and Ebe Dancel
But if you're talking about a movie like `Planet of the Apes,' you can pretty much do the entire `Planet of the Apes' tour of Malibu and Malibu Creek State Park, and you're seeing the whole movie,'' adds Medved, referring to the 1968 film, not the Tim Burton remake.
Even in less well-known films, such as Chris Philpott's undeservedly under-seen The Eternal Husband, the death that pervades the drama--in this case, the death of a woman loved by two living men--not only happens in a distant, off-screen past, it seeps through the movie like an unwashable stain.
No DVD can restore the atmosphere of a Chinatown movie theater in the '60s and '70s, that sense that the theater was a kind of town square where all generations were represented, some intently focused on whatever violent costume melodrama or kinky sex farce was unreeling on-screen, others perhaps more preoccupied with eating lunch, looking after babies, or keeping an eye on the older kids roaming in the aisles.
I found when we were testing the movie that people don't respond well to the idea of male models, or models in general.
Censors also studied the finished movie for code violations.
Ross convincingly demonstrates that movies were nonetheless regarded as an important medium for "shaping public consciousness.
It's available at most video stores, or you could look at the top 250 films listed on the Internet Movie Database's Website (www.
Twister shows Mother Nature hitting the spin cycle, air-lifting a cow and devastating countless farms, a drive-in movie theater, a fuel tanker, and the house of the heroine's aunt.
was as terrible a movie as Hollywood puts out (I'm sure any of the 50 or so paying customers who saw it in its original theatrical release will back me up on this), but it was no worse than any number of non-TV-related flicks, either (Malice, The Pelican Brief, anyone?
I spent much of my childhood soaking up every horror movie I could find; yet, despite witnessing plentiful examples of grotesque carnage, I've never so much as felt an urge to take an axe and eviscerate those who annoy me.