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MULCHMacalester Urban Land and Community Health
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We also should be aware that you are unlikely to see wood mulch used in landscapes in England, Ireland, Europe or the Orient.
The experiment was carried out at National Sugar Crops Research Institute Thatta during 2008-09 to examine the response of sugarcane variety Thatta-10 to different nitrogen levels and trash mulch on the growth yield and quality attributes.
As used plastic mulch accumulates in arable land, it gradually pollutes both the ecological environment and the landscape.
The main difference is that organic mulch materials will eventually settle and decompose, adding organic matter and nutrients to improve the productivity of the soil.
2004) stated that peat mulch has no significant influence on the amount of SOC.
In soil management, mulch act as a protective cover placed over the soil to hold moisture, provide nutrients, moderate erosion, encourage seed germination and suppress weed development.
Keeps your property healthy: Leaf mulch recycles nutrients into your soil to feed your plants, improves soil health, helps retain moisture (reducing the need for watering in dry spells), and provides additional winter coverage for plant roots.
But don't expect a mulch even black plastic, to smother perennial weeds.
Concerns about traditional mulches serving as a food source and habitat for subterranean termites have motivated studies to identify alternative mulch products that are not palatable to termites and impede long term survival of the insect (Pinzon et al.
In a previous study, aged mushroom compost (also referred to as spent mushroom substrate) blended with landscape mulch was found to reduce sporulation of the artillery fungus (2).
Most gardeners mulch during the growing season to help keep the soil moist.