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In the Multiple board, as it grew up under the hands of Scribner, the outgoing wires are duplicated so as to be within reach of every operator.
In this period came the multiple switchboard, copper wire, girl operators, underground cables, metallic circuit, common battery, and the long-distance lines.
Again, all recent experience shows that it is most difficult to get any wild animal to breed freely under domestication; yet on the hypothesis of the multiple origin of our pigeons, it must be assumed that at least seven or eight species were so thoroughly domesticated in ancient times by half-civilized man, as to be quite prolific under confinement.
Naturally, there were no correct responses, so I defined multiple sclerosis as a disease of "many scars".
The technology draws its name from the way it transmits signals--that is, in a single stream (serially) compared with the multiple streams found in parallel technology.
With that in mind, the first high-wire act parents of multiples need to master is figuring out how to feed their new bundles of joy.
To examine the factors associated with young women's having multiple sexual partners, researchers used data from the 1999 Youth Risk Behavior Survey, which included a nationally representative sample of private and public high school students from all 50 states and the District of Columbia.
Multiple myeloma, a rare malignancy of plasma cells, was first described in 1950 as an abnormal production of immunoglobulins.
MS is now thought to be an autoimmune disorder, which develops from a complex interaction of early exposure to multiple viruses and genetic vulnerability.
This feature, coupled with the 18-Mbit density of the 512Kx36 NSE, enables multiple database support for a variety of applications related to multi-field complex classification.
Barrett noted that multiple births account for about 20 per cent of neo-natal intensive care admissions and are responsible for the rise in the pre-term birth rate, particularly for those babies born at 24 to 28 weeks gestation, who often require considerable and costly medical care.
The term "multiple listing" was first used in 1907 and multiple listing services developed rapidly in the 1920's.
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