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MEGAMichigan Economic Growth Authority
MEGAMolecular Evolutionary Genetics Analysis
Mega10 to 6 (million)
MEGAEffective Methods in Algebraic Geometry (Conference)
MEGAMedium Energy Gamma-ray Astronomy (telescope)
MEGAMiddle Educators Global Activities
MEGAMunicipal Electric and Gas Alliance
MEGAMultidisciplinary Education in Geriatrics and Aging
MEGAMicrolensing Exploration of the Galaxy and Andromeda
MEGAMichigan Emu Growers Association (Midland, MI)
MEGAmembrane electrode gasket assembly
MEGAMaintenance, Engineering, Grants and Accounting (Iowa state government)
MEGAMicrolensing Exploration of the Galaxy & Andromeda
MEGAMuon (decays to) an Electron and a Gamma ray (experiment)
MEGAMaritime Embedded GPS (Global Positioning System) Adapter (US Navy)
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Muon imaging, which utilizes naturally occurring muons created in the atmosphere by cosmic rays to image dense objects, should solve the problem of determining the spatial distribution of the reactor fuel in the short term, the LANL team said.
1]), which may be also from the disintegration of a muon neutrino with the favor change.
In the 1960s, a muon detector was used to examine the Chephren Pyramid near Cairo, Egypt.
Having entered the atmosphere, the primary radiation in a cascade of nuclear reactions is transformed into secondary rays, mainly consisting of neutrons and muons (Gosse & Phillips 2001).
In addition to its potential utility at the Fukushima nuclear plant, the muon radiography method has been deployed to detect potential smuggling of clandestine nuclear materials in the United States, the institute said.
The neutrinos in the experiment were created by slamming speeding protons into a stationary target, producing a pulse of pions -- unstable particles that were magnetically focused into a long tunnel where they decayed in flight into muons and neutrinos.
Thohl Muon Reath of the Cienuol sub-clan, aged approximately 67 years, was killed in the attack.
In combination with measurements of the weak-coupling constant in muon decay, [g.
Instead, Clyburne, Percival, and their co-workers lain MeKenzie, Jean-Claude Brodovitch, and Taramatee Ramnial turned to the muonium atom, a light isotope of hydrogen that has one electron and a positive muon as the nucleus, giving it oneninth the mass of H*.
An empirical parametrisation of the beam was developed, to predict the flux of electron neutrinos using the muon neutrino spectra measured by NOMAD.
Presently he leads the 4th Concept detector group for a future electron linear collider or muon collider.