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MYMMeet Your Makers (gaming team)
MYMMonopolize Your Marketplace
MYMMake Your Move
MYMManage Your Money
MYMMind Your Manners
MYMMiss You Much
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Pursuant to the letter of intent, MYM will issue 800,000 common shares to Budly in exchange for all non-US rights to Budly's software and intellectual property.
Expert and often entertaining advice from Andrew Tobias, the well-known author and columnist whose wit and wisdom have raced MYM since its debut more than a decade ago
MYM has also filed trademark applications in the USA and Canada for Joshua Tree and plans to completely re-brand MYM-owned CBD brand HempMed.
We filed a complaint against online users who have persistently defamed the actor,' read a statement from MYM Entertainment.
The ultimate aim of MYM is enabling a generation of educated and tech-literate young people to help themselves, their communities in a bid to drive growth in the broader economy.
50) OSC, "Somalia's Mujahidin Youth Movement Spokesman Discusses Progress of Jihad," GMP20080527873001, May 8, 2008; and OSC, "Somalia: MYM Commander Shaykh Al-Zubayr Sends Message to Global Jihad Leaders," AFP20080603410001, June 1, 2008.
Hywel Jones, chief executive of MYM, said: "We appreciate in these times of financial hardship that it is not always easy to give support to this extent and we are very, very grateful.
The Slayers - Volume 1 (Cert 12, 134 mins, MYM, DVD pounds 15.
Chiang, MYM, Song, R, Crosby, AJ, Karim, A, Chiang, CK, Amis, EJ, "Combinatorial Approach to the Edge Delamination Test for Thin Film Reliability-Adaptability and Variability.
MYM marketing director Iola Jones said, 'Anything that makes it more accessible and spreads the word is very welcome,' she said.