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The weaklings and cowards they had promptly eaten, and the unbelievable tale of their many heads adorning the canoe-houses was part of the myth.
At first sight such a work seems to be a miscellany of myths, technical advice, moral precepts, and folklore maxims without any unifying principle; and critics have readily taken the view that the whole is a canto of fragments or short poems worked up by a redactor.
I made all sorts of inquiries about the children, not doubting that there would be great eagerness to hear of their welfare, among some good little folks who have written to me, to ask for another volume of myths.
In his oration for the bachelor's degree, he gives me to understand, he will treat of the classical myths, viewed in the aspect of baby stories, and has a great mind to discuss the expediency of using up the whole of ancient history, for the same purpose.
All the little boys in the myths did it as soon as they were old enough.
It is not all on the same plane; it easily passes from ideas to myths and fancies, from facts to figures of speech.
Knowing him, I review the old Scandinavian myths with clearer understanding.
and Clovis and Charlemagne, those vague, colossal heroes, those shadows, those myths of a thousand years ago
He had never received a sign of the existence of one, and from absence of judgment in rejecting all he wrote it seemed plausible that editors were myths, manufactured and maintained by office boys, typesetters, and pressmen.
In the remote earliest form of the stories, as Celtic myths, this supernatural element was no doubt frank and very large, but Malory's authorities, the more skeptical French romancers, adapting it to their own age, had often more or less fully rationalized it; transforming, for instance, the black river of Death which the original heroes often had to cross on journeys to the Celtic Other World into a rude and forbidding moat about the hostile castle into which the romancers degraded the Other World itself.
Among the topics are relocating the myths of the Indian nation in Amit Chaudhuri's A Strange and Sublime Address (1991) and St Cyril Road and Other Poems (2005), how to picket-fence a mountain: myths of domesticity and dislocation in Isabella Bird's wild west, reworkings of a literary myth and historical construction: Nehanda (Zimbabwe), transfiguring Australian founding myths in Patrick White's fiction: Voss as an iconoclastic reinterpretation of the explorer myth, and transcending postcolonial identity through myth: Yann Martel's Life of Pi.
History and myth were mixed up there, which became the characteristic of the national history.