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NACRENorth American Coalition on Religion and Ecology (International Consortium on Religion and Ecology; Washington, DC)
NACRENouvelle Agence Culturelle Rhône-Alpes (French: New Cultural Agency in Rhone-Alpes; Rhone-Alpes, France)
NACRENational Advisory Council on Radio in Education (American Association for Adult Education)
NACRENatural Communication in Rough Environments (European Research Consortium for Informatics and Mathematics)
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Nacre in molluscs from the Ordovician of the midwestern United States.
Pearls covered with nacre were collected and labeled to allow tracing of both donor and host oysters.
Nacre thickness: Measurement in millimetres of an individual or multiple pearls.
With Nacre, there's a lot of history-as well as learning the piece, you're learning about the choreographer and who she studied with," says Kiddle, a high school sophomore.
Camping la Cote de Nacre provides an ideal base to explore the rich heritage of the area, from the nearby town of Caen to the historic centre of Bayeux before taking in the D-Day beaches.
NACRE, headquartered in Trondheim - Norway, is the world leading company in tactical, miniature, communications headsets with built in high-level noise protection.
It is important to strengthen our own ability to empathize and communicate with students to help them nacre the bumps and potholes along the way.
For decades, researchers have been marveling at seashell nacre, commonly called mother-of-pearl.
Oysters, abalone, and some other mollusks have a strong layer of armor called nacre (or mother-of-pearl).
uk Origins Ginger with a Twist spritzer is a great invigorating pickme-up to keep your loved one in the party mood throughout the Christmas holiday (pounds 25Yves Saint Laurent's Touche Nacre for the woman who loves Touche Eclat.
A year ago, jewellery designers Boucheron unleashed its first fragrance - Trouble - now Trouble Eau Lgre Nacre has been released as a limited edition.